Best Ways to Fix posture


Set Reminders

If you've been slouching for quite some time, it comes naturally to you. The moment you relax, you let your guard down, and you start slouching. Most smartphones are outfitted with a reminders feature nowadays, so try setting up a reminder for yourself to straighten your back.

Giving yourself reminders may seem silly at first, but those little reminders will add up and soon you'll be standing up straight without even thinking about it at all.

Written by Kay Weber
4 months ago

Heads Up

While using our phone and reading or working, we often tilt our head and spine forward. It does not only affect the posture but can also be a reason for a double chin or saggy chin.

When you are reading a book or using your smartphone, hold it higher. The device you are using should be in front of you or parallel to your neck. A straight head means no more neck or upper back pain and a better posture.

Heads Up

Written by Rita Henry
4 months ago

Do Yoga

Yoga is great for fixing your posture, as it is low-impact, and stretches your body while also strengthening it. Here are two stretches that can help to improve posture and back health:

Child's Pose

Child's pose is a great starter position. After years of slouching, your spine naturally wants to compress, so standing up straight will be that much harder. Child's pose will stretch and strengthen the spine.

To do child's pose, sit on your knees and lower your palms down in front of you. Slowly move your hands and torso forwards to give your spine and shoulders a stretch. Lay for at least twenty seconds.

Do Yoga (image 1)


Another great position for spinal health is the cobra. Cobra is great for the spine, as it gives a deep stretch while opening up the chest and lungs. It can help to ameliorate years of damage done by slouching.

To do cobra, lie on your front with your hands on the ground by your shoulders, and slowly press down into the ground as you lift your chest up. Hold position and breathe deeply.

Do Yoga (image 2)

Written by Laurel Wade
1 year ago

Straighten Your Back

A poor posture when standing or working can be the reason for aches and pains in the body. Tech neck is also a result of poor posture when using smart devices.

To fix your posture, you should try to keep your back as straight as possible. When you are working on your desktop or cooking at home, make a habit of straightening your back.

Find a comfortable position for your back, if you want to fix your posture, you should not be uncomfortable. A straightened back does not mean kneeling forward or bending backward, it means a comfortable position that is natural and suitable.

Straighten Your Back

Written by Bryant Knight
2 weeks ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Fix Posture?

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