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The most refreshing thing for your skin is sleep. Sleep at least 7 hours a day to decrease those dark circles, blemishes and heal your skin. Our skin makes more collagen when we are asleep that is why we wake up with a radiant glow in the morning. To have a glow up, make sure that you are giving your skin enough time to make collagen. Work on your routine and stop scrolling on your phone at night for a glowing complexion.


Join Affiliate programs

We all want to make extra money beside our regular salary. The best way you can earn extra money is using the internet. There are many ways of making money online and the best way among them is via affiliating. There are many free affiliate programs online that you can sign up. Try to pick the ones that have high demand in the market. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you do not need to work all day to make money. You simply write a review or content about the product you are affiliating and post it with the purchase link in your Facebook, Twitter or Blog accounts. The more people make purchases through that link, the more money you make.

Look for a "replacement" habit

It may be easier for you to give up on a bad habit if you simply replace the bad habit with another habit.

For example, if you have a habit of raiding the fridge for junk whenever you are bored, just stack some fresh salad and smoothies in the fridge and get rid of the junk. This way you will fill your cravings with healthier options rather than junk.

Over time, the salad and smoothies will become a habit and you will have forgotten about the junk food. Also, the added health benefits of a better diet will become apparent over time, working as a motivator to continue with the new habit.

Use time-management apps

To plan your day out, use time management apps, like the best-selling RPM life planner by Tony Robbins. The majority of time management apps focus on mapping out your tasks and to-do lists. However, the RMP life planner offers you all the tools you need to organize your day from morning to night.

You can strategize your to-do list in different ways to take a new approach each day. This helps you avoid free time and wasting time on unfocused activities. In short, it does not let you trigger your habit of procrastination. Use time-management apps

Four seconds

There has been a surprising amount of experimentation in the oreo world. People have found that for a perfectly saturated oreo, you need to dunk for four whole seconds. This maximizes absorption so your oreo isn't just wet, while also not letting your oreo turn to mush. Experts say that there is no benefit to dunking your oreo for more than four seconds, unless you want it to totally dissolve and fall into your milk.

Tell them how you will change

An apology is meaningless if you continue to behave the same way. Actions speak louder than words. So let them know that you will change that aspect of your life and avoid this problem in the future. Also, you must follow through with that change to let the other person know that you are truly sorry.

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