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Just as a New Bottle of Prosecco

Nothing is better than a good bottle of prosecco when you have something to celebrate. But storing the leftover for another day prolongs the joy. Who doesn’t want that, right? What if we told that you could enjoy the same fizzy drink too with a simple trick? All you need is a spoon or even a fork, whatever seems easier to you. Put the spoon/fork into the neck of the bottle and put it into the fridge to chill for a day. Enjoy your bubbly drink the next day!

Compost in a bin

If you have space, composting your grass clippings in a bin is the easiest and most practical way to do it. First, if you'd like to compost, ensure that you haven't treated your grass at least in the past 14 days, as the chemicals will get in the way of the decomposing process.

Then you can just add your grass clippings to the bin. To get the correct ratio of carbon to nitrogen, you'll want to also add brown material, such as newspaper, dry leaves, or branches in an approximately 1:1 ratio.

Cry it out

If you’re still dealing with a fresh breakup, you need to give yourself time to feel the feelings you are experiencing. It won’t help to keep them bottled up. Give yourself a few days to cry and feel sorry for yourself. Eat all the ice cream you want, lay in bed, watch sad movies. Do whatever is going to make you feel better in that moment. However, the next step is getting up, washing your face and starting to move on with the rest of your life.

Install Wheel and Fender Lights

How cool it would be to amaze others with classy wheel and fender lights that make your car shine at night. You can turn heads with bright lights in your car but know that this will only work at night. Get color-changing LED lights so that you can change color every night according to your mood.

Trace an eight

You can improve your eye's flexibility and vision by doing this exercise. Visualize an 8 at least 10 feet away from where you are. Visualize it at your eye level. Now rotate the 8 figure by 180 degrees and trace the imaginary figure with your eyes. Slowly sketch figure 8 for a few minutes. Do it clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Be persevering and it will clear your vision and rest your eyes.

Think Ahead

Before you go to sleep, make a rough sketch of what you will be doing tomorrow. Planning your activities for the next day ahead of time can help you stay on track because you will have everything you need to do tomorrow on your mind. Keep reminding yourself of your mental to-do list throughout the day to make sure that you accomplish everything on your list.

Think Ahead

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