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Keep it simple

Sometimes keeping it simple does the trick. If your food subject has a bold color or shape, and you have a contrasting colored background then a simple, minimalistic composition can often create the strongest impact. For added effect, keep the food at the center of your frame and don’t use any heavy decoration.


To spend your free time, read a book that can help you acquire knowledge, learn to argue, and articulate your thoughts so you can become a better speaker.

Find some good books that you can read to shape your personality, change your thoughts about something, or enlighten you. It can become your favorite way to spend time because the habit of reading is addictive.

Get rid of unused apps

We are all guilty of hoarding apps and games that we never use. Especially the games can take up quite a lot of storage on your Android device.

If you do see a bunch of apps that you don’t ever use, don’t be reluctant to let them go. You can always download them when you need them. For now, let’s put your storage to some better use.

Go to Settings > Applications. Select the app(s) you want to remove and start uninstalling. 

Have a snack

Keep in mind that you might feel very energetic and fresh after having a sugary snack, after a little time you will feel more lazy and sleepy than before. Low blood sugar produces mental fogginess.

You should have a healthy and balanced diet for sustained fuel to keep yourself awake. Choose food with a large number of nutrients such as salads, fish, fruits, and vegetables. For sugar boosts, consume only fruits with natural sugar. Some of the best power snacks are:

- Yogurt with nuts or fresh fruits

- Almonds

- Tuna salad

- Raw veggies like carrot

- Peanut butter

Long, Curly, and Simple

A middle parting is a good way of parting curly hair. But that does not mean the parting has to be poker straight. Keep a natural parting in the center that suits your face. It is an effortless look, and the relaxed curls give fun and laid-back style.

Long, Curly, and Simple

Create an outline before you start writing

Before you start writing your essay, do your research and create a proper structure and outline. Put all your ideas from your head into the paper. Figure out the introduction, middle, and conclusion part. Once you have enough idea on how you want to frame this essay, start your research and list your main ideas. Doing this will allow you to see connections and will help you in writing a more organized essay.

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