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Don't take social media for granted

Use social media. SEO your posts and website. Keep up with the digital world. Most customers have moved their businesses online and you don’t want to fall behind in the race. The best place to promote your new business is social media. This will allow you to reach a larger and more promising client base. If you can manage the budget, add some marketing tools to increase your chances of reaching the target audience.

Organize Everything

Sometimes what’s lacking is the organization in our house. If there is always stuff lying around and you don’t have a place to hang your coats, belts, and bags, then you need a wall rack or wooden coat hanger stand.

A coat hanger stand can be expensive and take up more space but it looks better. Hang all your stuff on it so that the couch, chair, and floor area free of clutter and the house looks neat and organized. An organized house looks instantly better than a cluttered house.

Use mild soap and a little alcohol

Get a bowl or basin of water in which you can add some mild soap and a little alcohol. This will soften, disinfect, and clean your nails all in one go. Please note that the toenails are hotbeds for infection which can be prevented with good hygiene. You can leave your feet submerged in this solution for 15 to 20 minutes without a problem.

Use mild soap and a little alcohol

Send a Message

When you make a new contact, send an interesting message to your connection that is not upfront directed at selling them something. Ask them what they are doing and what are their interests in an interesting and non-creepy way. LinkedIn is all about making connections that help you in your professional life. So, talk to your connections and build professional relationships with them that might help you turn them into a prospect later. Be genuine and don’t be pushy when prospecting on LinkedIn. The goal is to make them reach out to you by portraying how good you are at what you do if you provide a service and how amazing your product is if you are selling a product.

Wake-initiated lucid dreaming

A Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD) happens when you directly enter a dream from waking life. In this, your mind stays conscious while your body goes to sleep. You will need to lay down and relax until you experience a hallucination that occurs when you are going to sleep. This technique is difficult to learn and execute and takes a lot of practice.

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