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Blackheads Removal Strips

Blackheads removing strips are available in the pack of 3, 6, or 10. Order them online or check if your nearest cosmetics store has one. Read the instructions on the packet carefully and if you have an allergy read the ingredients list or contact the doctor before using them.

Clean your face and pat it dry with a towel. Apply the strip on the area that has blackheads, most people have blackheads on and around their nose.

Some strips may require you to wet the strip after application. Wet your hand and pat the strip to make it wet and sticky. When it is sticking well to the nose, leave it on and wait 15-25 minutes or until it dries. When it’s completely dry, pull off the strip gradually or at once. It may hurt a little because it removes a thin layer of the akin along with the blackheads. Do not make it wet again because it won’t remove the blackheads when it's wet. 

Stay social

One of the main things that comes with age is the general passing of life. Children grow up and move away. Friends and family move on to other stages in their own lives. Through the passage of time, it is important to keep your social connections alive. Staying engaged with the people you love benefits you mentally and physically. Being social also helps combat mental illnesses, such as depression, that can affect you when you become isolated. Stay involved in your loved ones' lives and actively foster new connections.

Switch Apple Watch Faces

You may want to set up multiple watch faces for multiple purposes: one with a minimal face for those times when you don't want a cluttered interface, the other with a more fun display. To switch from side to side, just swipe left and right from the watch face.


Hydration is necessary as it helps your body function at its best. When you feel sleepy, have water so that the body performance stays at its optimal. Dehydration can make us feel exhausted, and inhibit our ability to focus.

Drinking a glass of water every hour when you are trying to stay awake can relieve muscle tiredness and avoid fatigue.

Keep in mind that an increased supply of water will also make your body shed water, so you would be urinating frequently. 


Bask in the morning sun

Begin your day with some good old sunshine to set yourself up for an excellent day. Soak in the sun’s wholesome Vitamin D to take your energy level through the roof.

Simply open the drapes in the morning or introduce an outdoor activity to your mornings. A jog around the park or a coffee on the balcony is a great way to start your day. 

Pour Into Disposable Container

If you want to throw out the oil, let the oil cool completely, then pour it into a non-recyclable container with a lid and throw it away. Common non-recyclable containers that do well include cardboard milk cartons and similar candle boxes or paper containers lined with plastic. Styrofoam and other eating containers are also good options.

Valsalva maneuver

Pinch your nostrils with your fingertips. Let your cheeks rest normally or suck them in, but don’t keep them puffed out. Gently try to blow air through the nostrils. When you blow, it will create a pressure at the back of your nose, which will open your Eustachian tube and pop your ears.

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