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Drive for Ride Sharing Apps

Hustling for money is a never ending process in this age and time. If you want to earn that cash during your free time, start doing something based on your skills set. Driving for Uber/Lyft is definitely a popular option. Signing up on these platforms is pretty easy and you can get riders based on your current location and availability. You can also drop off people on the way back to your home after work. Earning money has never been this straightforward.

Using a Clean Razor

A razor is probably the fastest and cheapest way to remove public hair. Clean the razor and disinfect it with aftershave fluid or any anti-septic liquid. Wet the public hair or lubricate them with a conditioner for easy shaving. Carefully swipe the razor in the direction of hair growth.

You can also hold the skin taut with the other hand to avoid cutting the skin. Clean the skin with water when done. If there is any hair left, repeat.

Using a Clean Razor

Be More Active

Once in a while, we all get lazy and used to getting little or no activity and that is when small creatures called calories climb up our closets and sew our clothes tighter to make us realize that this needs to stop. If you always drive around in your car, take the lift and ask your partner to get you stuff, you are being lazy. To lose weight, you need to change those simple daily habits and become more physically active. It can be very hard at first, especially if you are used to living a sedentary lifestyle but after a while, you will enjoy being more active.

Be More Active

Dip in Vinegar

Dip your cast iron is 1 part vinegar and 1 part water. The vinegar is corrosive to metals and this is why it will peel away the layers of rust. After 20 minutes, remove the item from vinegar and start scrubbing with steel wool. Use a string dish soap to get rid of rust. Wash and coat with oil to avoid rust.

Share feedback

Once the project ends, share your feedback with them. If they weren’t initially a part of the project, highlight how their contribution was important for the project’s overall success.

When you appreciate their efforts, they’ll see that you’re noticing them and be motivated to put in more effort the next time.

Share feedback

A Massage

A massage is the most enjoyable way to relax after a tough workout. A massage tones down the release of cytokines and prevents the inflammation that they cause in your body. Plus, even without all the science behind it, massages are super relaxing and will do a lot to take care of your body after a tough workout.

Divvy up discretionary spending

Discretionary spending means spending on items that you want but does not need. List all potential discretionary spending and categorize it as “joint” or “individual” spending. Discretionary spending typically is its own mini-budget, created monthly based on available discretionary funds. Keep a separate fund for that as well so that it does not create a conflict in the future.

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