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Bring out your personality

Begin with a personal introduction and make sure to emphasize on your top-selling points for the position you’re interviewing for. Make sure to customize it depending on the company. This will require thorough company research. Make sure to jot down the keywords. Avoid memorizing the entire introduction. You don’t want to sound like a robot. And the last point to note, keep it simple. Limit your introduction to about a minute.


Sometimes signing off with "Best" seems flippant and hurried. Best what, anyway? Best what? Best wishes? Best luck with the task ahead? It leaves in a grey area. But, I like ending with "Best" as it is quick and formal.

Tie a ribbon on the napkin

A napkin ring is one of the best ways to let your favorite table accessories stand out. Place the wrong side of a square napkin on a flat surface. Fold in the two opposite sides to make a rectangle.

Now fold the upper left corner down to the center of the rectangle's lower edge. Fold the triangle you just made inside the napkin to form a square.

Turn the napkin and roll two sides of it towards the center. It should look like a tube from above. Again, turn the napkin over so that rolled edges are underneath.

Tie a ribbon at the center of the napkin to give it a chic look.

Tie a ribbon on the napkin

Make timely bill payments

Lenders like to look at a borrower’s utility and other bills because they are interested in learning how reliable you are when it comes to paying your bills. As a rule of thumb, lenders try to familiarize themselves with a borrower’s past performance because it is considered a fair indicator of how the borrower will perform in the future.

Make timely bill payments

Paying your bills on time can help fix your credit. The bills include but are not limited to rent, credit card dues, loans, utility bills, etc. If you keep forgetting to pay these bills, set up automatic payments so the amount gets deducted from your bank account as and when the bills become due.

Peel orange without the knife

I don’t like to experiment with knives so I use a different way than others. I immerse the unpeeled orange in warm water and keep it there for about 5 to 10 minutes. I take it out one minute before peeling. The rind then becomes soft and you can grind it off easily from the flesh. I use my hands to peel the skin off.

If you do not feel like playing with knives or are scared to hurt yourself, it’s best to use this old Chinese technique. It works just fine for me and my family.

List Down Previous Month’s Expenses

Writing down the expenses of the previous month can help you understand how you are spending your money. We often spend too much money unknowingly when we go out and forget to write it. To realize where your hard-earned cash went last month, write down what you spent last month and where. You’ll probably get a lot of motivation and lessons for budgeting from listing down the expenses. 

List Down Previous Month’s Expenses

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