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Give a sweet poem

If you want to announce in a sweet way, but don’t want to do anything fancy, you can write a short poem. It can something like,

“Rose are red,

Violets are blue.

One (your due date)

Your grandchild is due!”

Letter fold

Place the square napkin on the flat surface and fold it in half to make a large triangle. Fold the two corners together and overlap them slightly at the center. It should start to look like an envelope right now.

Fold in the edges again and let the fold touch in the center. Take the bottom edge and fold up to form a pocket. Fill this pocket with a note. You can fold the flap and seal the envelope.

Whisper Goodbye in His Ears

Whispering is the oldest technique of flirting because anything whispered in your boyfriend’s ear can easily feel much more romantic and flirtatious. When he’s leaving for work whisper goodbye or when you are hanging out with friend’s whisper a compliment in his ear to flirt in the most subtle way.

Pick a cool and dry place

Even after sealing the grains and vacuum it to suffocate any living things, life may still thrive in that sealed bag of bean. The best way to make sure life does not grow inside and ruin the grains is to store the bag in a cool and dry place, where sunlight cannot reach, and the temperature is relatively cooler than outside. Cold temperature stops life from growing, as a result insect eggs and other harmful things in the bag will stop thriving and start to die off.

Hide the Ring in a Fortune Cookie

If your partner is obsessed with fortune cookies and is always trying to figure out her future, propose with a fortune cookie that she’ll never forget the opening. Get fortune cookies customized and give your partner a few fortune cookies to intrigue them. Hand them the one with the ‘Will you marry me?’ question when they have opened a few and kneel to propose. Don’t give them a lot of fortune cookies at once because they may lose interest in opening them. 

Hide the Ring in a Fortune Cookie

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