Best Ways to Flirt with your boyfriend


Send a Silly Text

If you find a funny meme that your boyfriend will love or are texting him to get something on his way home or come home early, just add something silly or cute that makes him laugh. You want him to look at your text, smile, and think about coming back to you soon. Pour a glass of wine, and take a picture of your glass and your pet. Send it to him and say that you’re on a date, he will instantly start missing you and would want to come back sooner. 

Written by Cathy Marquez
3 years ago

Go on Dates

Flirting can be very difficult if you two watch T.V every evening at home in your pajamas while munching on snacks. To keep the spark alive and flirt with your boyfriend go on a proper date. Dress up and go to your favorite place to eat. Doing this at least once a week can help you two have some time to feel romantic while connecting over dinner.

Go on Dates

Written by Holly Ferguson
1 year ago

Whisper Goodbye in His Ears

Whispering is the oldest technique of flirting because anything whispered in your boyfriend’s ear can easily feel much more romantic and flirtatious. When he’s leaving for work whisper goodbye or when you are hanging out with friend’s whisper a compliment in his ear to flirt in the most subtle way.

Written by Mollie Hubbard
3 months ago

Touch Him

Feeling of touch from your partner can be very flirtatious and soothing. Run your fingers through his hair, hold his hand, give him a surprise cuddle or put your hand on his chest or leg. A subtle touch can make him feel pleasured when his body releases oxytocin and dopamine.

Touch Him

Written by Erica Mullins
2 years ago

Create Surprise

Men and Women, both equally love surprises. Your boyfriend also loves surprise as much as you do. So try to plan an awesome surprise for him. It could be on his birthday or his anniversary of job. Or it could the day you two first met. Plan it the way he likes it. You know his preferences and choices. Does he love to have it with friends or alone with you? What kind of food does he want? It's all in your head. So plan a great surprise for him.

Written by Sally Black
8 months ago

Be mysterious

A great way to flirt with your boyfriend is to be a little mysterious. There is a clear difference between being completely free with your partner and being mysterious. Being mysterious refers to keeping some secrets from him. Keep some things just for yourself and be sure to let him know that you are being mysterious so that the spark of getting to know each other more keeps up. It will keep you both attracted to each other and flirt; romance will continue to grow between you two.

Written by Ana Munoz
2 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Flirt with Your Boyfriend?

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