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Fry them

I like to throw in all the veggies that I can find lying around the house, that go well with a flavorful rice recipe. Most commonly, I use cauliflower, green peas, green chili (use only if tolerable for you), bell peppers, and green onions. You may also want to judge how many or how much of these vegetables you add based on the quantity of the rice. I aim for 20% veggies, 80% rice.

Then, add some oil in a pan, and add garlic paste and asafetida, then the veggies. I also add cumin seeds, curry leaves, and dried chilies (I LOVE spicy food). Sauté them and add plain rice. Add chili powder (yes, I know!), turmeric (only a tad), and some coriander powder. Stir well until fried adequately. Garnish with coriander leaves, and serve. 

Fry them


Sauces are probably one of the best additions you can make to ramen. If you're a ramen lover like me, you probably have a bunch of sauces lying around your kitchen. But, one particular favorite of mine would be the sriracha, which is a pretty nice kick of heat. It's a sauce made out of red chili and garlic. It adds a decent amount of heat to a regular bowl of ramen.

Plan out your outfits

Along with making a packing list, it may be helpful to pack according to the outfits you plan to wear each day during your trip. This was a lifesaving hack that kept me from overpacking on a trip to New York City years ago. Each big event had a specific outfit that I wanted to wear for it. I also packed a few comfortable options for extra activities. Planning your outfits can help save you time and space on your trip.

Keep the presentation fresh

I am a motivational speaker and a part of me believes that I can captivate an audience because I do not use outdated content. I avoid sharing the same content or stories over and over again. At times when I can’t think of new content, I twist my stories and address them with a different perspective.

Another trick is to add current events into your speech. Include something fresh which can reinforce further discussion among the audience. Before every event, I try to read the audience and alter my tone as per their culture. 

Make a Timetable

If the exams are approaching or you want to set aside some time to study regularly, make a time table. Studying for at least 2 hours a day with maximum concentration can help you achieve your study goals. Make a study period in your timetable and during this period shut out all the distractions. Prioritize your study and inform your friends and family to avoid contacting you during your study time. Prepare yourself to study and treat yourself every time you reach a study goal.

Set goals like, you can eat out if you can study 3 chapters today. Stick to the goal and you will achieve it. Make realistic and achievable study goals and don’t try to cram. Learning too much in a day is not learning because at a point you will get bored and will be reading your books without understanding anything.

Invest in blue light glasses

If you work in front of a screen for long periods of time, you may suffer from eye strain due to the harsh light of your electronics. If you suffer from painful headaches after hours at the computer, invest in a pair of blue light glasses. These have made a world of difference from me. My blue light glasses help me to continue working without hurting my eyesight. They also help me stay concentrated for longer periods of time.

Speak in Spanish

There is a difference between understanding a language and speaking that tongue. You might understand what two people are talking in Spanish, but if you want to speak correct pronunciations and talk fluently, you will have to start talking in Spanish. There will be a few errors in the beginning, but after some practice, your Spanish will improve.

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