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Use the Credit Card Sparingly

You can use the credit card for buying anything, but always remember to get what you can pay back. If you spend $100 on monthly groceries, don’t buy $300 worth of groceries on your credit card. The credit card might upset your budget because it gives you a false sense of having money when you don’t.

Stay below 30% of your credit limit and never withdraw a lot of money as it negatively affects your credit score.Use the Credit Card Sparingly

Consume Fluids Regularly When Dehydrated

If you are concerned about hydrating your body when you have diarrhea or vomiting, keep a water bottle handy. Don’t wait to feel thirsty to consume water, drink a glass of water every hour or two hours. When the body is severely dehydrated, don’t gulp a lot of water at once, you might end up vomiting. Sip slowly while sitting down and let the water reach your stomach comfortably.

Put it into a larger context

Once you've made it to the end of your essay, you have already given your reader ample context as well as broken down each of your main points. When you get to your ending, you want to drive home the idea that your argument is important to the overall discussion of this topic. You can do this by placing your argument into a larger context or framework. This will highlight the importance of your argument and how it could open the door for further research.

Heads Up

While using our phone and reading or working, we often tilt our head and spine forward. It does not only affect the posture but can also be a reason for a double chin or saggy chin.

When you are reading a book or using your smartphone, hold it higher. The device you are using should be in front of you or parallel to your neck. A straight head means no more neck or upper back pain and a better posture.

Heads Up

Breakfast foods

Adding an avocado to your breakfast can add a fresh taste to your plate as well as keep you fueled and full until lunchtime. One of the easiest ways to have avocado for breakfast is by adding it on top of toast instead of your usual spreads. You can also add it to scrambled eggs to change up a breakfast classic. My favorite is a combination of both: toast with scrambled eggs and avocado on top. So yummy and so filling!Breakfast foods

Drink Water

One of the most common causes of hypertension is too much sodium in your diet. If your meals have a lot of salt, then it has increased the sodium level of your blood. 

Drinking water can help flush away this sodium from your body. Drink at least one glass of water every hour so that you urinate more often. 

Drink Water

Money saved is money earned

Reverse engineer your way into saving money fast by cutting back on unnecessary expenses. If you’re buying a $10 Starbucks coffee every day on your way to work, that’s going to set you back by over 3 grand a year.

Money saved is money earned

Being thrifty works in your favor, so look for deals when you’re out buying groceries or other essentials. Buying essentials in bulk is often a good way to save a quick buck.

Also, be sure to eliminate recurring expenses. If you have a gym membership that you’ve been wanting to use, but haven’t in over 3 months – it’s a good time to cut the cord. 

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