Best Ways to Hydrate


Flavor Your Water

Drinking water can be boring if you have been used to drinking sugary drinks. To add a bit of flavor, add cucumber, ginger, or lemon to the water bottle. If you like sweetened water, add strawberries or honey. 

To add a hint of freshness, add a few mint leaves. If you like to eat mint, use a blender to blend in mint and drink some water every hour.

Written by Orville Maxwell
12 months ago

Drink Lemonade

On a hot summer day when you feel thirsty, nothing can be better than a fresh and chilled lemonade. In a glass of chilled water, squeeze half of a medium-sized lemon. Add a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt to your lemonade and sip on the lemonade. 

Drink Lemonade

Written by Cameron Chase
5 months ago

Drink even when you're not thirsty

When your body starts to register thirst, there is already a slight level of dehydration. You should be drinking water continuously throughout the day. One of the best ways to remind yourself is to have your own water bottle. It keeps you accountable because it's something you have to keep track of unlike a disposable water bottle. You should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day (about half a gallon).

Written by Brian Dyer
2 months ago

Eat a Water-Rich Diet

To hydrate the body, the food you eat can also affect your body. Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of water, eating fresh foods will help you hydrate your body and provide the essential nutrients you need for a healthy gut.

Avoid eating salty and fried food when you feel dehydrated because it can make you feel thirsty. Eating fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, orange, and peaches can help with dehydration.

Eat a Water-Rich Diet

Written by Rodney Bennett
2 weeks ago

Consume Fluids Regularly When Dehydrated

If you are concerned about hydrating your body when you have diarrhea or vomiting, keep a water bottle handy. Don’t wait to feel thirsty to consume water, drink a glass of water every hour or two hours. When the body is severely dehydrated, don’t gulp a lot of water at once, you might end up vomiting. Sip slowly while sitting down and let the water reach your stomach comfortably.

Written by Rita Henry
1 month ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Hydrate?

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