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Customize it According to the Job

When you are writing a resume, you would want your employer to choose you because you meet the requirements for the job. To help get your resume noticed in a plethora of resumes, focus on the job and its requirements in your resume. If the job requires you to travel; in the hobbies section write that traveling is your hobby. So that when the employer looks at your resume, they know that you won’t have a problem with traveling related to your job.

Play videogames

I kid you not! Video games are an excellent, fun way to improve your reaction time. Scientists at the University of Rochester conducted a study that revealed that action video games helped the subjects of the study make correct decisions quicker. Moreover, they were also seen to develop a heightened sensitivity to their environment. 

Play videogames

Abdominal Stretch for the Stomach

Yoga is by far the best exercise for getting a good posture. If you want to tone up the body and improve your posture, yoga can be the way to go. The cat and cow pose of yoga are performed together to destress your body, release tension from the back and strengthen the abdominal muscles. To perform this yoga posture, get on all four and arch your back by bending it as low as possible. This is the cat pose. Hold for 30 seconds and move on to cow pose by raising your shoulders and back to reverse the last posture. Make sure to take deep breaths and engage your core throughout. 

Deer Drives

Deer drives can be dangerous but when carried out carefully they can be very effective for hunting deer. To carry out a hunting drive, a team of 2 to 16 people splits into two groups. One group aims at the deer called ‘posters' and shoots while the other group called ‘drivers’ moves the deer. The group chasing the deer makes the deer move towards the group that shoots them.

Dear drives are successful when they move the deer and not make the deer run towards the posters. Aiming or shooting at running deer is of no use since the animal moves very swiftly and hunting them down while they are running is nearly impossible even for experienced hunters.

Deer Drives

Open Broadcasting Software

OBS, or Open Broadcasting Software, is probably the best software for recording and streaming gameplay online. It's widely used in the streaming community for its stability, compatibility with streaming platforms, and low CPU/GPU consumption. It can also record gameplay up to 4K at 60 fps. Although, you should know that the file sizes of the recordings are going to be absolutely huge. So, if you have anything less than 2TB of space, you better start thinking of getting some more space.

Plan Out Your Trip Beforehand

Island hopping in Greece is, no doubt, one of the must-see experiences of the country. You just can't visit Greece and not dive in the adventures of island hopping. So, if you're planning on going through the best thing a tourist can do, it requires a lot of planning. There are over 200 islands in the country. You can just start going wherever life takes you. Do your research and plan out your island-hopping journey before you fly out to Greece. The experience will be much more pleasurable if you know what you're doing.

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