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I suggest this!

Going from Carlisle to Minto pay a visit to The Russell and Ann Gerdin Wellness Center for some exercise!

That's the one.

The Russell and Ann Gerdin Wellness Center
805 14th Street South, Moorhead, MN 56563
Halstad Lutheran Church
4th Street East, Halstad, MN 56548
The best route to Minto from Carlisle

These were my stops going to Demopolis

Ok!, Driving to Demopolis from Warren make sure to first pay a visit to Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Pineville, LA for some food. Lastly visit Pizza Hut for a some great food!

TX 77664
Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Pineville, LA
Pineville, LA, Monroe Highway, Pineville, LA 71405
Pizza Hut
Hwy 13 N, Puckett, MS 39042:39117
The best route to Demopolis from Warren

To Ocean City with a stop for some sporting

When driving from Cooperstown to Ocean City this is a good way: first stop by CrossFit Rising Phoenix for training. After that visit Whole Earth Center for picking up a few things!

NY 13326
CrossFit Rising Phoenix
83 Grand Army of the Republic Highway, Dingman Township, PA 18458
Whole Earth Center
360 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08540
Ocean City
The best route to Ocean City from Cooperstown

Customize it According to the Job

When you are writing a resume, you would want your employer to choose you because you meet the requirements for the job. To help get your resume noticed in a plethora of resumes, focus on the job and its requirements in your resume. If the job requires you to travel; in the hobbies section write that traveling is your hobby. So that when the employer looks at your resume, they know that you won’t have a problem with traveling related to your job.

Going to Yale with some a place worth some time added

If going from Edgemont Park to Yale first of all look in on Scenic Overlook. I liked it a lot! Then stop by Meijer for shopping.

Edgemont Park
MI 48915
Scenic Overlook
Cedar Key Drive, Gingellville, MI 48360
1555 Demille Boulevard, Lapeer, MI 48446
The best route to Yale from Edgemont Park

These were my stops from Littleton to Dyer Brook

When driving to Dyer Brook from Littleton this is a suggestion.

Maine Crossing
200 Running Hill Road, South Portland, ME 04106
Pizza Hut
18 Main Street, Newport, ME 04965
Dyer Brook
The best route to Dyer Brook from Littleton

These were my stops going to North Conway

If driving from Rochelle Park Township to North Conway this is a good way: first make a stop at Glickman Field. Then visit White Rock for a nice experience! After that hit Full Of Grace Farm, it is good.

Give it a try! See what you think.

Rochelle Park Township
Rochelle Park Township, NJ
Glickman Field
Sabbaday Lane, Washington, CT 06793
White Rock
Horse Mountain trail, Hatfield, MA 01088
Full Of Grace Farm
105 Stockbridge Street, Hadley, MA 01003
North Conway
NH 03860
The best route to North Conway from Rochelle Park Township

To Madison from Morrill

Last time I drove from Morrill to Madison this was the way I went.

Buffalo Viewing Platform
161st Street, Rock County, MN
Works Progress Administration Historic Bandshell
Worthington, MN 56187
Caribou Coffee
47051 Lewis and Clark Trail, Junction City, SD 57010
NE 68248
The best route to Madison from Morrill

My fav stops to Gordo from Martin

Driving to Gordo from Martin make sure to visit Jacksonville City Pool for a nice experience.

Jacksonville City Pool
B Street Southwest, Jacksonville, AL 36265
The best route to Gordo from Martin

From Dewey to Sturgeon with some some swimming added

Going from Dewey to Sturgeon make sure to first stop at Baskin-Robbins for a cone of yummy ice cream! After that look in on Lap Pool, it is a nice stop. Next hit Goody's Steak Burgers for a tasty meal.

OK 74029
Plaza Drive, Harrisonville, MO 64701
Lap Pool
South Parkview Street, Butler, MO 64730
Golden Valley Christian Church
South 3rd Street, Clinton, MO 64735
Goody's Steak Burgers
West 9th Street, Sedalia, MO 65301
The best route to Sturgeon from Dewey

These were my stops going to Silsbee

Going from Angleton to Silsbee this is a good way: visit Starbucks for a little something to eat!

A nice one.

TX 77515
Garth Road, Baytown, TX 77521
The best route to Silsbee from Angleton

The best way to Litchfield

Going to Litchfield from Lexington Park this is my preferred way: first of all make a stop at Old Forge Road. I liked it! Finally stop at Dunkin' Donuts to fill up some energy.

Lexington Park
Old Forge Road
LeisureTowne, NJ 08088
Dunkin' Donuts
484 Bridgeport Avenue, Shelton, CT 06484
NH 03052
The best route to Litchfield from Lexington Park

A nice way from Town of Lisbon to Menahga

Driving from Town of Lisbon to Menahga this is a nice way: first visit Subway for a something to eat! Secondly make a stop at Subway for a great dinner. Next make a stop at Rough-Cut Bar and Grill for great food.

Town of Lisbon
111 South Main Street, Necedah, WI 54646
East Railroad Avenue, Colfax, WI 54730
Rough-Cut Bar and Grill
19034 190th Street, Mille Lacs County, MN 56353
MN 55464
The best route to Menahga from Town of Lisbon

Deer Drives

Deer drives can be dangerous but when carried out carefully they can be very effective for hunting deer. To carry out a hunting drive, a team of 2 to 16 people splits into two groups. One group aims at the deer called ‘posters' and shoots while the other group called ‘drivers’ moves the deer. The group chasing the deer makes the deer move towards the group that shoots them.

Dear drives are successful when they move the deer and not make the deer run towards the posters. Aiming or shooting at running deer is of no use since the animal moves very swiftly and hunting them down while they are running is nearly impossible even for experienced hunters.

Deer Drives

From Thedford to Guide Rock

While driving from Thedford to Guide Rock first hit John & Carmen Gottschalk Tower for a nice experience! Next visit Starbucks for a cup of coffee.

John & Carmen Gottschalk Tower
Kea West Road, Kearney, NE 68849
4116 2nd Avenue, Kearney, NE 68847
Guide Rock
The best route to Guide Rock from Thedford

A good way to Accokeek from Hawthorn

While driving from Hawthorn to Accokeek first hit Mid-Way Barbecue for a something to eat. After that make a stop at Infinity Pool to get that body going (much needed when sitting in a car for the whole day)!

Enjoy it.

PA 16230
Mid-Way Barbecue
Bunny Hop Lane, Pavia Township, PA 16625
Infinity Pool
North Duke Street, Shepherdstown, WV 25443
MD 20607
The best route to Accokeek from Hawthorn

The best route to Fisher from Dallas

Going from Dallas to Fisher I suggest you visit Brainerd High School Pool for a quick bath in in the pool.

Simple and sweet!

Brainerd High School Pool
Quince Street, Brainerd, MN 56401
MN 56723
The best route to Fisher from Dallas

My stops to Rochester from Metuchen

When driving from Metuchen to Rochester I suggest you stop at Widnoon Ice Cream for some tasty ice cream!

NJ 08840
Bellefonte, PA Supercharger
PA Supercharger, 170 Buckaroo Lane, Centre County, PA 16823
Widnoon Ice Cream
State Route 1004, Tidal, PA 16210
The best route to Rochester from Metuchen

To Charlotte Hall with a stop for some sporting

While driving from West Bridgewater to Charlotte Hall I suggest you first of all stop by Treasure Hill Farm. It's good! Then look in on Fitness Incentive for some exercise. Then pay a visit to Cooper Pool for swimming. After that stop at Dover Mall for good shopping!

West Bridgewater
MA 02379
Treasure Hill Farm
523 Old Colchester Road, Salem, CT 06240
Fitness Incentive
157 Deer Park Avenue, Babylon, NY 11702
Cooper Pool
Federal Street, Trenton, NJ 08611
Dover Mall
1365 North Dupont Highway, Dover, DE 19901
Charlotte Hall
MD 20622
The best route to Charlotte Hall from West Bridgewater

These were my stops to Escanaba from Town of Kaukauna

Ok!, Going from Town of Kaukauna to Escanaba make sure to make a stop at Aageson Pool.

Town of Kaukauna
Aageson Pool
400 Holtwood Way, Oconto, WI 54153
MI 49829
The best route to Escanaba from Town of Kaukauna

Going to Paraje with a stop for some shopping

When driving from Ault to Paraje this is a nice way: first of all visit Safeway for some shopping! Finally stop at Brazos Ridge Overlook. I liked it a lot.

G Street, Salida, CO 81201
Brazos Ridge Overlook
Forest Road 87, Rio Arriba County, NM
NM 87007
The best route to Paraje from Ault

These were my stops going to Hodge

If going to Hodge from Eagle Lake I suggest first pay a visit to The Hop for a something to eat! After that make a stop at Wildwood Practice Green for some sweating.

There you go.

Eagle Lake
TX 77434
The Hop
14801 State Highway 150, Coldspring, TX 77331
Wildwood Practice Green
Wild Wood Drive, Tyler County, TX 77663
LA 71247
The best route to Hodge from Eagle Lake

A nicer way to Peabody from Dunkirk

While going to Peabody from Dunkirk make a stop at NY Gifts for some shopping.

MD 20754
NY Gifts
Terminal 1 departures, New York, NY 11430
MA 01960
The best route to Peabody from Dunkirk

From Greenfield to Garnavillo with a stop for a place worth some time

When driving to Garnavillo from Greenfield this is a suggestion.

The Bunkum Jail
Lincoln Avenue, Iroquois, IL 60945
The Dixon: Historic Theatre
114 South Galena Avenue, Dixon, IL 61021
The best route to Garnavillo from Greenfield

A nice trip to Denver

While driving to Denver from Town of Vandenbroek I suggest you first stop at Coventry Apartments Swimming Pool. Next hit Subway for a lunch or dinner!

Y.M.M.V. Though

Town of Vandenbroek
Coventry Apartments Swimming Pool
West Daphne Road, Glendale, WI 53217
North Whittaker Street, New Buffalo, MI 49117
IN 46926
The best route to Denver from Town of Vandenbroek

These were my stops to Genoa from Twin Falls

When going from Twin Falls to Genoa I suggest make a stop at Battle Mountain Letters!

Give it an up-vote if you like it.

Twin Falls
ID 83301
Battle Mountain Letters
Landfill Road, Lander County, NV 89820
NV 89411
The best route to Genoa from Twin Falls

From Duluth to Glasgow with some some exercising added

When going to Glasgow from Duluth I suggest first visit Horseshoes throwing lots for some sweating. Finally stop at Flag Rock Overlook. I liked it a lot!

I like it. Your mileage may vary.

GA 30095
Horseshoes throwing lots
Mark Watson Park, Sylva, NC 28779
Flag Rock Overlook
Flag Rock Road, Norton, VA 24273
WV 25086
The best route to Glasgow from Duluth

A nicer way to Celina from Frederick

While going from Frederick to Celina I suggest you visit The New Harmony Inn Resort & Conference Center for some food.

The New Harmony Inn Resort & Conference Center
504 North Street, New Harmony, IN 47631
TN 38551
The best route to Celina from Frederick

Plan Out Your Trip Beforehand

Island hopping in Greece is, no doubt, one of the must-see experiences of the country. You just can't visit Greece and not dive in the adventures of island hopping. So, if you're planning on going through the best thing a tourist can do, it requires a lot of planning. There are over 200 islands in the country. You can just start going wherever life takes you. Do your research and plan out your island-hopping journey before you fly out to Greece. The experience will be much more pleasurable if you know what you're doing.

From Marion to Crystal

When driving to Crystal from Marion this is a nice way: visit Dairy Queen for a bite.

I like it. Your mileage may vary.

MA 02738
Dairy Queen
Woodbridge Road, Woolwich, ME 04530
The best route to Crystal from Marion

Play videogames

I kid you not! Video games are an excellent, fun way to improve your reaction time. Scientists at the University of Rochester conducted a study that revealed that action video games helped the subjects of the study make correct decisions quicker. Moreover, they were also seen to develop a heightened sensitivity to their environment. 

Play videogames

Abdominal Stretch for the Stomach

Yoga is by far the best exercise for getting a good posture. If you want to tone up the body and improve your posture, yoga can be the way to go. The cat and cow pose of yoga are performed together to destress your body, release tension from the back and strengthen the abdominal muscles. To perform this yoga posture, get on all four and arch your back by bending it as low as possible. This is the cat pose. Hold for 30 seconds and move on to cow pose by raising your shoulders and back to reverse the last posture. Make sure to take deep breaths and engage your core throughout. 

Open Broadcasting Software

OBS, or Open Broadcasting Software, is probably the best software for recording and streaming gameplay online. It's widely used in the streaming community for its stability, compatibility with streaming platforms, and low CPU/GPU consumption. It can also record gameplay up to 4K at 60 fps. Although, you should know that the file sizes of the recordings are going to be absolutely huge. So, if you have anything less than 2TB of space, you better start thinking of getting some more space.

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