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Add Layers of Clothing

To retain the body heat and stay warm when you are in a cold environment, add more layers of clothing. You could be wearing a sweater and a jumper on top but feel cold. The reason for this could be neglected parts of your body such as your hands, head, feet, and legs. Make sure that you are covering all of your skin and you have sufficient layers of clothing. Wear thermal leggings or underpants to keep the legs warm and if you don’t have thick socks, wear 2 pairs of socks. You might look like a goose at the end but you won’t be cold anymore.

Try to Avoid Territorial Behavior

The best way to set up a meet between a newer puppy to an older dog or any two pets, in general, is to avoid any sort of territorial behavior. Puppies tend to be very protective of their spaces and their toys as well. Make sure you put away your older dog's toys. Moreover, introduce them in a place that is neutral to both puppies. Your driveway, the backyard, a public park, all of these are great ideas.

Use your eyes

When you’re trying to be flirty with somebody, eye contact can actually be one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. There’s a lot you can communicate through your eyes. If you’re feeling bold, make eye contact with them and let your eyes fall to their lips. They will want to know what you’re thinking about. Your eyes can also help people detect whether or not you’re being flirty at all. Just remember not to be too intense. Staring can be interpreted as creepy.

Follow the discussions on /r/wallstreetbets

Continuously check out what is being said about GameStop on /r/wallstreetbets. Find clues on what direction the mass is moving: Selling och Buying? Act cleaver and quickly on those signals. Train your ability to see what is real call for action and what is just noice. You will get better over time.

Drink Smoothies

No, we are not talking about fancy beverages you find at Starbucks. You need natural fruits and vegetable smoothies that nourish your body.

Save some great recipes and head to the grocery store to find fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts for the smoothies. Don’t buy too much of the same item. Try a different smoothie every day to give your body a blend of all kinds of vitamins and minerals.

Instead of skipping breakfast, chop some of your favorite fruits, separate the seeds and toss them in a Nutri-Blender. If you like add some seeds and nuts along with a pinch of salt. Take it with you to work and cleanse your body.

Drink Smoothies

It's pure luck

There's no straightforward sure way of catching a Ditto. This pokemon is one sneaky devil and will hide like other common pokemon. To find a Ditto, you're literally going to have to catch every pokemon in the area until one turns out to be a Ditto. However, to maximize your chances, you can keep an eye on local Discord communities looking for Dittos. If someone in your locality finds one, it's very likely you can find one too there if you're fast enough.

Use Social Media

The older methods of networking at events and cold calling are dead. They were ineffective long ago because cold calling was only 2% effective and at networking events, everyone was trying to sell something to each other. Social media on the other hand has a lot of potential for gaining all types of clients. Define your ideal client and start reaching out to them. Showcase your expertise and communicate with them, how you can solve their problems, to prospect effectively.

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