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Wash your sheets

A common cause of acne that not many people know about is dirty sheets. Think about it - dirt and oil from your hair and skin transfers onto your bedsheets and pillowcases every night, and if they're not cleaned, they can fester and create a breeding ground for bacteria, which then creates acne on your face and body.

It is recommended that you wash your sheets at least once a week to see results on your skin.

In the fridge

Flaxseed, once ground, can quickly go rancid without its husk keeping it fresh. This is why it's best to mill your own flaxseed. If you'd still like to use pre-milled flaxseed, it needs to be kept in an airtight sealed container in the fridge or freezer. If not refrigerated, they can go rancid, and if the container is not airtight, they will become oxidized. They can be stored in this way for up to six months. Also try to buy ground flaxseed that is vacuum-sealed, to ensure that it has not oxidized before you even get to bring it home.


A scarf works perfectly for concealing tattoos on your collarbone, shoulders, and neck. Wrap the scarf around your neck, or if it’s summer try to loop a lightweight, silky scarf around your neck. It doesn’t just work as a tattoo-concealer, but also adds a good bit of style to your overall look. 

Keep the duration short

The duration of fast is totally up to you and let me tell you, there’s no single way to fast. There are popular fasting regimens that you can follow, such as the 6:1 intermittent fasting pattern, the 5:2 pattern, the 16:8 pattern and the eat, stop, eat pattern.

I usually switch between the 5:2 pattern and the 16:8 pattern. In the 5:2 pattern, I restrict my calorie intake for 2 days and eat a healthy diet for 5 days straight.

Similarly, I allow myself to eat in the 8-hour window and then fast for 16 hours thrice a week.

Purchase furniture polish

Dusting furniture can be a breeze if you’ve got a microfiber towel and a bottle of furniture polish. Not only does the towel wipe away any dust and dirt on your furniture, the polish leaves the furniture looking brand-new. Many furniture polishes also have protective qualities to help protect your furniture from scratches and aging. You can purchase furniture polish at any grocery store.

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