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Spotify or other playlists

If you already like an artist’s work, there's a good chance you’ll also like their playlist. Check out your favorite artist’s Spotify playlists.

But if for some reason you can’t get on Spotify or your favorite artist doesn’t have a Spotify playlist, head over to YouTube or SoundCloud. They’re not half as good as Spotify for music, but you’ll find at least something you like. 

Spotify or other playlists

Avoid Stress

Stress can also cause acne. If you are overworked, anxious, or worried, find ways to deal with the stress. Lowering stress can effectively control acne and helps keep your skin clear and glowing. Keep yourself hydrated and manage stress. Some effective activities to reduce stress can be meditation, yoga, exercise, and listening to music. 

Wash the Seat covers

If the seat covers of your car are made of fabric then you should consider washing them if they are removable and washable. Most smells are trapped in the topmost layers of fabric. Washing the fabric should help eliminate the odors. 

Be funny

If you have jolly parents, writing a joke for an announcement is one of the best ways to tell your parents you are pregnant. Simply wrap up a onesie that one of these phrases on it:

“My dad knows a lot, but my grandpa knows better!”

“If you think I nap a lot, you should see my grandpa!”

Chlorinate the water

Chlorine is being used for many years to purify water. Chlorine is an effective yet strong chemical that kills parasites, germs, and other disease-causing contaminants found in unpurified water.

You can either use liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets. The off-shelf water-cleaning agent is quite cheap yet effective.

However, if you suffer from thyroid, it is best to consult a practitioner before you start using the product. From all the side effects that I know, it is not a suitable product for thyroid patients. 


The most common cause of neck and shoulder pain is tiredness. The ache begins to appear when you have been involved in strenuous physical activity, or have been working late hours. To get rid of the soaring pain, it is vital to have rest. Sleep early and give your body ample time to heal. Minor pain should go away, the next morning. 

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