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Side hustles

The important thing to remember is – this is not what you’ll be doing forever. So if you feel frustrated about the idea of having to work two shifts at different jobs, it’s a temporary setup to kick that financial leverage out of your life so you can save up on interest and spend it on something nice.

There are plenty of side hustle options such as babysitting, driving an Uber, dog walking, etc. So strap on your big-boy pants and get to work so you can become debt-free ASAP. 

Buy High-Quality Food

The quality of the food you eat matters. Organic produce is healthier therefore you should always buy the highest quality of dairy, meat, and vegetables you can afford. Avoid eating processed foods and stick to healthier diet plans that are easy on the stomach. 

Better quality food means more nutrition. A calorie is a calorie so be mindful of what you eat in a day. You could either spend a lot of money on eating a lot of unhealthy and poor quality food or you could spend your money wisely to buy the right food which is high quality and also good for your body.

Wavy curls

Not all curls are super tight ringlets. Some people have a more natural waved style. These wavy curls look great with a middle parting and side parting. However, a mid-parting allows the waves to fall naturally and frame the face.

Wavy curls

Drink 12 glasses of water a day

One fact about us is that our body confuses thirst with hunger. You might be feeling thirsty but you will have the urge to eat. There are times when you are not actually hungry, even if you are craving food. If you crave food more often and do not drink 8 glasses of water, your body is dehydrated.

You should drink a minimum of 8 glasses per day. I drink 12 glasses to suppress hunger. Diet tonic water works great for me. Drink 12 glasses of water a day

Be Social

Introverts who spend most of their time at home and are shy around people can find people on dating apps easily. If you want to date in the real world, you will have to be a bit more outgoing. Visit places, go out for shopping instead of online shopping, eat out at different restaurants and get together with friends and family. Getting out in the world where will higher your chances of finding a date and making new friends.

Be Social

Take it slow

You can’t give your pup a crash course on socialization. Start with your family members first. Let him get comfortable around people who frequently visit your house. Only then, start to introduce him to 1 stranger at a time. Have him meet the next stranger only once he is comfortable with the first one. Bringing your pup to a public place or a party for play-time is going to scare him, and only slow down the whole process.

Take it slow

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