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For structured curls

You can do curly hair parting, even when you don't have naturally curly hair. Just curl your hair and enhance your look by parting it from the center. It makes it more structured and sets ringlets properly. This hairstyle parting looks amazing on blonde hair. 

For structured curls

Respond With a Positive Tone

Asking someone you meet “How are you?” is etiquette but they also expect a good response from the other person. You can respond to them in many ways but it depends on what kind of relationship you have with them. If they are a colleague or a stranger, reply with a smile and a positive tone. You can use phrases like “I’m great and how are you?” Ask them the same and maybe have a small talk if an interesting topic comes up.

Use a spoon handle

Using a spoon handle, you can peel an orange in the least messy way. Before that you need to puncture the outer layer of the orange. The best place to start is the center. Use a knife, try not to puncture the inside citrus segments. After puncturing, gently insert a spoon handle slowly and work your way around the orange to peel off the half. Now work your way on the other half and you will have a nicely peeled orange.

Take short breaks

Taking up one task after the other makes it harder for you to stay motivated and focused. When you finish a task, give yourself a few minutes to hit the refresh button before jumping on to the next task. Your source of refreshment could be anything from a cup of Joe to a 10-minute meditation session. Doing this will help perform the subsequent tasks more effectively. This will boost your overall productivity and save you a good deal of time.

Take short breaks

Make it personal

One of the worst things about Snapchat is that you have no idea who that snap is being sent to other than you. One moment you think that maybe you got a snap taken just for you, and the next moment you find out it's being sent to seven other people. If you really want to flirt with someone on snap and want to prove that you're sending something specifically to them, personalize it. Add some text with their name, talk about something you were just discussing, send something that means a lot to you both. There's no better way to flirt than telling someone that you care.

Visualize Them in Your Life

To manifest the person in your life, you have to visualize them in your life. Manifestation is energy work so visualizing the person around you and doing what you want them to in your thoughts will make it happen in the physical world. Let go of your fears, self-doubt, and emotional baggage, to welcome them into your life.

Visualize Them in Your Life

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