Best Ways to Flirt on snap


Step Up the Story Game

There's always so much you want to show off in front of your crush. So just take random shots of your car, your cooking, your tidy room, you’re staying late at the office, or anything you think would attract them towards you. Who would not wish to have a partner who is hardworking, can cook good food, or cleans?

Post pictures that are real and show who you are. Avoid posting pictures of an expensive car or house that you do not own. Be real and be simple. 

Step Up the Story Game

Written by Moises West
8 months ago

Make it personal

One of the worst things about Snapchat is that you have no idea who that snap is being sent to other than you. One moment you think that maybe you got a snap taken just for you, and the next moment you find out it's being sent to seven other people. If you really want to flirt with someone on snap and want to prove that you're sending something specifically to them, personalize it. Add some text with their name, talk about something you were just discussing, send something that means a lot to you both. There's no better way to flirt than telling someone that you care.

Written by Vicky Zamora
3 months ago

Less is More

The fewer pictures and videos you share with the person, the better. No one wants to see 10 photos of unknown people at a family reunion singing and dancing. They’ll probably have nothing to say about it and even if they say something, it can be a boring or awkward situation. If you really want to share a photo, share one photo at a time. You went to the gym, share 1 gym photo. You went to a concert, share 5-10 sec video and that’s it. 

Written by Harry Cole
2 weeks ago

Choose Crazy Filters

A goofy selfie that you may think is an ugly one might seem very attractive and charming to your crush. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be with the person who hates you for a snap chat selfie. Nobody needs is 100% perfect in every snap. Don’t worry too much about it, use a new filter and smile or make a goofy face. Send your snaps and post stories to get your crush’s attention.

Written by Dustin Hunter
3 months ago

Start a Conversation

You might be interested in talking to someone who always snaps you back and checks your stories. Taking the conversation to your inbox will not be hard if you keep things light and fun. Text casually and share a snap with a cool filter. Sharing pictures gives a signal that you are not fake and you may want to have a deep conversation or go on a date with the person later, therefore you are revealing your true self. 

Written by Violet Williams
4 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Flirt on Snap?

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