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Your body uses food to fuel workouts and regain muscle. Your muscles cannot recover and grow if there is a shortage of food. Most men need at least 3000 kcal/day to build muscle. Lean guys with a high metabolism need even more to gain weight.

Your body uses protein to build new muscle and restore damaged muscle tissue after training. You need about 1.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight (0.82 g/lb) to maximize muscle recovery and build muscle. For a 175lb / 80kg man, that's about 135g of protein per day.

Investments Other Than Buying Stocks

The best place to invest money is the stock market but remember it is also the riskiest place to invest money. If you have a couple of thousand dollars and you don’t want to invest in the stock market, you can invest money in a 401k retirement account, buy property, buy a car and rent it out, or start forex trading.

If you don’t want to take any risks with your savings, it is better to convert your cash to gold because as inflation rises, the money is devalued.

Having gold instead of money is a widely used inflationary hedge. Holding gold instead of cash is better because what you can buy today with 100 dollars will not be selling at the same price 3 years later. The gold prices rise every time the money loses its worth. 

Understand the Logic and Language of Programming

Programming is a combination of logic and language. Here the computer understands what we (as programmers) want it to do. It contains two parts -

Logic: Set of logical instruction which we ask the computer to perform that will give us desired result (AKA Algorithms) 

Language: A common tongue which we (Programmer) and computer both understands. To become a good programmer one needs to master logic and have a good control on a language (Programming Language)

Put Your Phone Away

If you find yourself binge-watching videos, 20 minutes after you sat down to study for the exam, you need to put your phone away. Mute your phone, if you are not expecting an important phone call or put it in another room.

Promise yourself a treat of snacks or using the phone for 10 minutes after you finish a chapter. Avoid all the distractions that might take your mind away from study. 

If you are stressed or can’t stop thinking about something, give yourself some time to let go of your thoughts, and then start studying. When you are cramming yourself while studying you need the highest level of concentration, otherwise you will only end up reading everything and not being able to memorize it.  

Frequently Used

We all have our frequently used apps. If you want to minimize the time spent searching for those apps, then organizing by frequency is a great option. Assign each home screen to a level of frequency. The first screen can include the items that you frequently use. The second screen should contain apps that are used once or a few times a week. And, the last screen will contain apps that you hardly use.

Frequently Used

Examine Your Relationship with Alcohol

When beginning to quit drinking, you will first want to start by examining your relationship with alcohol.

First figure out how much you actually drink in a week. This will help you to manage your expectations. If you drink two beers a day, it will be much easier to manage your alcohol intake than if you were drinking a twenty-four pack a day.

From there, figure out why it is you drink. Usually, people drink because there is something that they would are trying to avoid. Consider getting a professional to help you, and reaching out to friends or family, as the success rate of overcoming addiction is much higher when you have a strong support network.

Invest in a smart bed or a sleep sensor

If you’re going all-in for tracking your sleep, get yourself a smart mattress. Alternatively, you could purchase a dedicated sleep sensor.

Sensors can be fitted over or under your current mattress to compile data pertaining to your movement and respiratory and heart rates. Using this data, the sensor will tell you how long it took for you to fall asleep, and the duration of each of your sleep cycle through the night.

Smart mattresses accompany essentially the same things but offer some premium features such as cooling/heating modes.

Smart beds and sleep sensors offer accuracy and you don’t have to wear them on your wrist while you’re asleep like fitness bands.

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