Best Ways to Remember place


Get up and move

Just as sleep is important to jog your memory, so is exercising regularly. A human brain relies on oxygen to work properly. Therefore, a good flow of blood is necessary to jog your memory. If you ask me, exercising improves the blood flow to the brain and is linked with improving memory.

Aerobic and cardio exercises such as running, walking, and swimming trigger high protein levels, also known as Cathepsin B. This hormone strengthens the hippocampus in the brain, which is responsible for learning and memory. 

Written by Armando Gregory
2 weeks ago

Sleep on it

One good way to remember a place is to take a power nap or sleep on it. If you sleep for 8 hours after visiting a place and learning about it, you can remember the details better as compared to not sleeping at all. Sleeping does not only protect the brain from forgetting details but also helps to recall the memories better.

I will give a scientific answer for that as well- It appears that sleeping through the night resets the brain, which is critical for learning and memory. This is the reason why you can’t remember something if you are sleep-deprived.

Written by Lon Washington
6 months ago

Try common Mnemonics

Common mnemonics help you to remember a place quickly and easily. For instance, I could not remember the names of all the planets in 4th grade. However, I learned the sentence, ‘My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas’. You see, all the first letters of every word relate to a planet’s name.

You can use expression mnemonics, acronyms, music mnemonics, and rhyming mnemonics. Other than that, you can use the peg system or the hook system to memorize multiple places.

Try common Mnemonics

Written by Frederick Taylor
9 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Remember Place?

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