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Toast them before boiling

Toast your rice prior to boiling them. Use olive oil or butter to toast dry rice grains, and then add water. This will bring the flavor out, and also add a hint of nuttiness to the final recipe. Make sure you don’t toast too much, though. That will do more harm than good.

Toast them before boiling

Sleep on it

One good way to remember a place is to take a power nap or sleep on it. If you sleep for 8 hours after visiting a place and learning about it, you can remember the details better as compared to not sleeping at all. Sleeping does not only protect the brain from forgetting details but also helps to recall the memories better.

I will give a scientific answer for that as well- It appears that sleeping through the night resets the brain, which is critical for learning and memory. This is the reason why you can’t remember something if you are sleep-deprived.

Consume Meat

Collagen is an abundant protein in mammals and their meat. Cartilage in the chicken wings and beef eye steak are good sources of collagen because they have more connective tissues. People with arthritis are recommended to eat chicken neck and cartilage to help treat the condition.

Consume Meat

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Preparing yourself mentally means that you make your brain ready to study. Exams are hard and it is easy for the brain to go into a 'denial mode' where we only worry instead of studying. Take some time to tell yourself that you have to study no matter what. Coming to terms with yourself prepares you to start studying effectively.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Create Counteroffers

You should not buy your car from the first dealer that is 10 minutes away. With that being said, drive to the dealerships that are 1 to 4 hours away and listen to what they have to offer. Use the prices given by the other dealers as your counteroffer to negotiate the car price. Dealers usually don’t mind sharing a piece of the pie with you and are highly competitive so chances are that you’ll be able to find the car at the lowest price by visiting multiple dealers.

Create Counteroffers

Unload your stress

Share what’s bothering you. Express your feelings. Talk to a friend, mentor, therapist, or family. A bad day or an event can make you feel overwhelmed and your feelings may begin to surface. Let them out on a piece of paper or share your problem with a loved one. 

Hide the Test Somewhere

If you really want to catch your other half off guard, the best way to do that is to hide the pregnancy test somewhere they're bound to check. Don't make it too obvious, and make sure you're there when they find it. Another important thing to note is that pregnancy tests only stay positive for up to 8 hours. After that, the results may start disappearing from the test.

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