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Dermaplaning is the removal of fine hairs on your face, such as on your forehead and cheeks. Dermaplaning has become extremely popular lately, as it helps to remove dead skin and give that desired "glass skin" look. While many people go and get this done at a salon, it can be a little pricey, so some try the DIY route.

First, you need the right tool: Many people use "brow razors" or "dermaplaning razors" as they are designed for use on the face, so they are shaped well, and the razors themselves are quite small. It's not ideal to use the kind of razor you would use on your legs, or a man might use on his beard, as those hairs are much coarser and as such the razors are quite a bit stronger.

Then wash your face with a very gentle cleanser and while your face is damp but not wet, begin shaving, moving upwards from your jaw. Go extremely slow and be very gentle, as if you rush, you may cut yourself and create scars. Make sure you're not doing this while your skin is inflamed or over any breakouts, as that can cause scarring too. Rinse off any excess hair or dead skin as you go.

Then rinse your face gently and moisturize with a very gentle, preferably perfume-free, moisturizer. You just removed what is essentially your skin's first line of defense, so be extra gentle with it. Moisturize generously, use sunscreen, and touch it as little as possible.

Written by Sheila Boyd
7 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Remove Peach Fuzz?

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