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This is the most common way of sitting on the floor.

To kneel:

Step 1: Stand up and step either leg backward as you shift your weight onto the front leg.

Step 2: Begin to move your back knee closer to the ground, but keep your ankle fixed and toes on the floor.

Step 3: Position your shoulders right over your hips and begin to lower the front knee to the floor.

Step 4: Place your knees at shoulder-distance from each other and rest your hips on the heels.

To reduce discomfort to your knees, have a mat placed where you’re about to kneel. 

Become a Freelancer

If you have a skill that you can use to earn money, then what are you waiting for? Grab your laptop and work from your home, from a mountain, or a cave. (if there’s Wi-Fi there)

If you are a graphic designer, singer, voice-over artist, web designer, or social marketing expert, you can sell your services on various platforms such as Upwork, Toptal, Designhill, and many others. 

Be mindful

Keeping little habits in mind and being conscious and aware of your body can help to recover from bulimia.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps your body both to recover from the damage done to your body, and to keep yourself fuller to minimize the chance of a binge.

Try to go slow when you eat, your body's natural hunger and fullness receptors will be dampened slightly and if you feel too full, you may be triggered to relapse. Also be aware that fullness isn't a bad thing and that your body is being nourished by the food you eat, whether the foods are "bad" or not.

Also try to keep a log of the food you eat, when you binge and purge, and why. Being aware of your habits can help you to better curb them.

Be direct, but gentle

The best approach to end a conversation is to be direct. Just say “It was a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you for sharing your insight. Enjoy the rest of your evening.” Be sure to shake your hands as you say this, unless you’re holding food/drinks in your hand, and then respectfully move on.

Prepare a routine for your pup

Much like babies, a regular schedule is ideal for puppies to do their best. You need to teach him, one day at a time, that there is a time to eat, time to play, and a time to do his business.

As a general rule, puppies can control their bladder for an hour for each month of age.  If your pooch is about 3 months old, he’ll be able to hold out for up to 3 hours at best. If you don’t take a 3-month old pup for a bathroom break for over 3 hours, an accident is pretty much certain. 

Have the conversation in person

There is nothing worse than being dumped over a text message. It shows minimal effort and is not the best way to leave a relationship. Unless you've only gone out a few times, your ex will want to have a conversation about the situation. Be the bigger person and avoid taking the easy way out. There are exceptions to this rule. If you only went out on one date, there shouldn't be an issue with a text. If you feel unsafe, do not put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation and contact someone you trust.

Use LinkedIn

Use LinkedInLinkedIn was always a great way to network over the internet, and the platform is seeing way more traffic now than before. It's a platform where you can meet a lot of new individuals and interact with them seamlessly through the platform. The best part is that if you're looking to network specifically to find a job, LinkedIn provides a bunch of features to make things more convenient for you.

Your Rules

Many people prefer to work from home because it saves time, energy, and even money while making things so much easier. If your employer does not require you to be present in front of the camera 9-5, you will have the flexibility to work when you want to work. You can give more attention to cleaning the house, cooking meals, and even sleep well past 9 because you don’t need the additional time to get dressed and commute to the office.

Your Rules

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