Best Ways to Zero a scope


Using a clamp

If you’re aiming for accuracy and cost-effective use of ammo, use the following system (assuming you have access to the requisite equipment and your rifle is “on paper”):

Step 1: Mount your rifle into the clamp such that it rests facing the target. Adjust the clamp to position the scope’s crosshairs precisely on the bullseye.

Step 2: Load up the chamber with one round, and fire.

Step 3: Now assuming the shot’s recoil caused the rifle to go slightly out of place – re-position the clamp or the rifle to set the crosshairs again on the bullseye, without touch the scope adjustments.

Step 4: Next, use the scope adjustments and move the crosshairs away from the bullseye and onto the bullet hole that resulted from the previous shot. If the range is too long, you may need to circle the hole with a bright, visible color so you’re able to see it through the scope. Remember that you’ll need to turn the scope adjustments towards the opposite direction (as you would when moving the point of impact towards the bullseye) since you’re moving the crosshairs to the point of impact.

Step 5: Alright now that your rifle is sighted in – let’s verify if everything went right. Repeat the 1st and 2nd step: adjust the rifle and clamp to reposition the crosshairs back on the bullseye WITHOUT touching the scope adjustments, load, and fire. You should hit the bullseye.

Using a clamp

Written by Alberta Fox
1 week ago

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