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My stops to Springton Pointe Woods from Porter

Going to Springton Pointe Woods from Porter make sure to stop at Sylvan Snack Bar for a cup of coffee and something to eat!

ME 04068
Sylvan Snack Bar
102 Eastman Lane, Amherst, MA 01003
Tesla Supercharger
Crompond Road, Town of Yorktown, NY 10598
Springton Pointe Woods
The best route to Springton Pointe Woods from Porter

Laugh more often

If you’re laughing, you’re probably not going to be as anxious. Laughter has a bunch of benefits. It relieves your stress response and also relieves tension by relaxing the muscles. Long term benefits of laughter include an improved immune system and consistently good mood.

It’s obviously hard to laugh when you’re just sitting and staring at a wall. So try watching a comedy sitcom or hang out with your funniest friends. 

Laugh more often

Going to Madisonville with some some sporting added

Driving to Madisonville from Panama I suggest first of all make a stop at Warrior Field, it is a nice stop! Finally stop by IHOP for a meal.

OK 74951
Warrior Field
16th Street, Honey Grove, TX 75446
South Southwest Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75702
TX 77864
The best route to Madisonville from Panama

Find a Stress Relieving Object

If you have something near you that might help you calm yourself, use it. Grab a pillow and hit it. If you can find a stress ball, squeeze it. Use something that does not hurt you. 

If you can’t find anything to help you healthily release anger, go to the gym and take it all out on the barbells and dumbbells or kick and punch a punching bag.

Find a Stress Relieving Object

Using a clamp

If you’re aiming for accuracy and cost-effective use of ammo, use the following system (assuming you have access to the requisite equipment and your rifle is “on paper”):

Step 1: Mount your rifle into the clamp such that it rests facing the target. Adjust the clamp to position the scope’s crosshairs precisely on the bullseye.

Step 2: Load up the chamber with one round, and fire.

Step 3: Now assuming the shot’s recoil caused the rifle to go slightly out of place – re-position the clamp or the rifle to set the crosshairs again on the bullseye, without touch the scope adjustments.

Step 4: Next, use the scope adjustments and move the crosshairs away from the bullseye and onto the bullet hole that resulted from the previous shot. If the range is too long, you may need to circle the hole with a bright, visible color so you’re able to see it through the scope. Remember that you’ll need to turn the scope adjustments towards the opposite direction (as you would when moving the point of impact towards the bullseye) since you’re moving the crosshairs to the point of impact.

Step 5: Alright now that your rifle is sighted in – let’s verify if everything went right. Repeat the 1st and 2nd step: adjust the rifle and clamp to reposition the crosshairs back on the bullseye WITHOUT touching the scope adjustments, load, and fire. You should hit the bullseye.

Using a clamp

From Orange to Lower Saucon Township with a stop for some shopping

Going from Orange to Lower Saucon Township I suggest first visit West Dover Historic District for a leg stretcher. Secondly stop by Barrington Plaza for good shopping! Finally stop at Ridgebury Country Deli for a lunch or dinner.

West Dover Historic District
Valley View Road, Dover, VT 05341
Barrington Plaza
334 Stockbridge Road, Great Barrington, MA 01230
Ridgebury Country Deli
677 Ridgebury Hill Road, Town of Wawayanda, NY 10973
Lower Saucon Township
The best route to Lower Saucon Township from Orange

Wash hair less frequently

It sounds a little counterintuitive, but washing your hair less frequently can actually lead to healthier, frizz-free hair.

The detergents in shampoo are very effective at washing your hair, but they can also wash away your hair's natural oils that are necessary for healthy hair.

When you wash your hair every day, you're stripping your hair and scalp of its natural oils that keep your hair shiny. Your scalp, now dry, has to produce even more oils to maintain health. This leads to hair that is simultaneously greasy and dry - it's producing too many oils that are getting stripped away before they have the chance to do their job.

Try washing your hair every other day to slowly allow your scalp to adjust. Then try moving on to once every three days, then on to once a week.

Wash hair less frequently

My stops to Kings Point from La Vale

When going to Kings Point from La Vale I suggest first stop by Pap's Dairy Dreams for some yummy frozen yoghurt. Then visit Scenic Vista. It's good! Then stop by Javateas for a quick bite! Next hit Green Lane Mercantile for picking up a few things. After that make a stop at Kings for getting yourself some small treats :-)!

La Vale
Pap's Dairy Dreams
Fairview Drive, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Scenic Vista
Montsera, PA
Dutchland Avenue, Springville, PA 17522
Green Lane Mercantile
Main Street, Green Lane, PA 18084
Mayfield Road, Pluckemin, NJ 07921
Kings Point
NY 11024
The best route to Kings Point from La Vale

These were my stops from Okanogan to College Place

If going from Okanogan to College Place a way would be to look in on Shari's for a some food!

WA 98840
Kittleson Road Northeast, Moses Lake, WA 98837
College Place
The best route to College Place from Okanogan

Make a To-Do List

When you have a busy day ahead and at the start of the day, you find yourself procrastinating, pull out your phone or your diary to make a to-do list. If you don’t want to write it down just sketch it in your mind. 

Think of what is the first thing you should do and what to do after that and after that. Be creative and find ways to accomplish each task faster and better. Faster does not mean poor. 

You have to give yourself enough time to do everything perfectly. If you have to cook and the food takes 30 minutes or 40 minutes, plan on doing something in the meanwhile such as making a call or organizing the kitchen shelves that you are planning to get done today. Incorporate achievable tasks in the to-do list and keep the goals realistic.

Make a To-Do List

A nicer trip to Mobile

Driving from Wartrace to Mobile I suggest first pay a visit to Joe Muggs for a caffeine boost. After that stop at Crunch Fitness, it is great!

Vote up if you like it.

Joe Muggs
Loring Street Northwest, Cullman, AL 35055
Tesla Supercharger
24th Street North, Birmingham, AL 35202
Crunch Fitness
12th Avenue East, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
The best route to Mobile from Wartrace

To Dunnellon with a stop for some shopping

Driving to Dunnellon from Napier Field make sure to first make a stop at Centre of Tallahasse for good shopping! Next stop by Sunset Isle RV & Yacht Club pool. It's great. After that pay a visit to Lily Creek Cafe to fill up with some energy.

Napier Field
Centre of Tallahasse
2415 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32303
Sunset Isle RV & Yacht Club pool
Timber Island Road, Carrabelle, FL 32322
Lily Creek Cafe
Southwest 351 Highway, Horseshoe Beach, FL 32648
The best route to Dunnellon from Napier Field

To Hamptonburgh with a stop for a place worth some time

When driving to Hamptonburgh from Pittsfield first of all look in on Silk Covered Bridge. It's a nice stop! After that stop at Harrier Hill Park. I liked it.

VT 05762
Silk Covered Bridge
Silk Road, Bennington, VT 05257
Harrier Hill Park
Rod and Gun Road, Town of Stockport, NY 12534
NY 10916
The best route to Hamptonburgh from Pittsfield

From Fulton to Idabel

Going from Fulton to Idabel I suggest look in on Eastham Prison Farm, it is great.

That's the one!

TX 78358
Eastham Prison Farm
Prison Road 1, Houston County, TX
The best route to Idabel from Fulton

A nice route to Yoe

While going to Yoe from Smethport first of all stop by Hampton Inn Clearfield for some rest! Secondly hit Brody's Diner for a delicious meal. Finally stop at Holiday Inn Express & Suites for a pause.

Hampton Inn Clearfield
Industrial Park Road, Lawrence Township, PA 16830
Brody's Diner
2770 Earlystown Road, Centre County, PA 16828
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
2055 Technology Parkway, Cumberland Technology Park, PA 17050
The best route to Yoe from Smethport

To Hawaiian Gardens with some shopping added

While going from Lexington Hills to Hawaiian Gardens a way would be to first of all hit Villaggio Shopping Center for shopping! Finally visit Majors Airport. I liked it a lot.

There you go.

Lexington Hills
CA 95630
Villaggio Shopping Center
7891 North Blackstone Avenue, Fresno, CA 93650
Majors Airport
Merced Avenue, Minter Village, CA 93380
Hawaiian Gardens
The best route to Hawaiian Gardens from Lexington Hills

A nice way to Chapel Hill from O"Kean

Driving from O"Kean to Chapel Hill make sure to first of all visit Party City for picking up a few things. Secondly pay a visit to 520 Dr. Conyers Pool! Next visit Party City for great shopping! Next stop by Best Western for some food!

AR 72425
Party City
Vann Drive, Jackson, TN 38305
520 Dr. Conyers Pool
520 Dr Conyers Road, Dog Hill, TN 38040
Party City
Vann Drive, Jackson, TN 38305
Best Western
Gum Branch Road, Dickson, TN
Chapel Hill
TN 37034
The best route to Chapel Hill from O"Kean

I suggest this!

If driving to Blessing from Richland I suggest first visit Unity Baptist Ballpark for some sweat. Next make a stop at Red Roof Inn - Lake Charles!

MS 39218
Unity Baptist Ballpark
6509 Magnolia Ln Magnolia Lane, Moller, LA 71360
Red Roof Inn - Lake Charles
284 East Ward Line Road, Lake Charles, LA 70615
TX 77419
The best route to Blessing from Richland

Going to Cuyuna with a stop for a stay

Last time I went from Miles to Cuyuna this was my route.

Tesla Supercharger
Zumbro River Trail South, Rochester, MN 55902
Coffee Mill Inn & Suites
50 Coulee Way, Wabasha, MN 55981
Rusty Windmill
Rum River Boulevard Northwest, St. Francis, MN 55070
The best route to Cuyuna from Miles

Why not this trip?

When going to McKee from Cornelius this is a good way: first stop at Lenoir Mall for a leg stretcher. Then make a stop at East Tennessee Sports Complex and RV Park for a nice experience! Next visit Wise Municipal Swimming Pool for a bath in in the pool. Then look in on Lakeview School.

NC 28031
Lenoir Mall
Morganton Boulevard Southwest, Lenoir, NC 28645
East Tennessee Sports Complex and RV Park
103 Smoky Mountain Place, Elizabethton, TN 37643
Wise Municipal Swimming Pool
Varner Street Southeast, Wise, VA 24293
Lakeview School
Miller Road, Bean Station, TN 37708
The best route to McKee from Cornelius

Going to Magness with a stop for some ice cream

When going to Magness from Corning this is an alternative.

Plaza Drive, Harrisonville, MO 64701
State Fair Arena
Elm Street, Sedalia, MO 65301
AR 72553
The best route to Magness from Corning

I suggest this!

Going to Morse from Wiggins first stop by Cimarron Grasslans and Santa Fe Trail overlook, it is good! Next visit Las Brisas Restaurant for a little something to eat.

Cimarron Grasslans and Santa Fe Trail overlook
Cimarron Overlook, Morton County, KS
Las Brisas Restaurant
302 South Main Street, Lamar, CO 81052
The best route to Morse from Wiggins

A nice way to Preston City

Going from Lamoine to Preston City I suggest you visit Marsh Overlook for a leg stretcher.

Marsh Overlook
Marsh Spur, Rowley, MA 01938
Preston City
The best route to Preston City from Lamoine

These were my stops from Deweyville to Lyman

When driving from Deweyville to Lyman this is a nice way.

Echo Peak Memorial Benches
Bountiful Boulevard, Bountiful, UT 84010
Tintic Standard Reduction Mill
State Street, Genola, UT 84633
Melville Stables
I 15, Orem, UT 84058
The best route to Lyman from Deweyville

Let me suggest this!

When going from Hewlett Neck to Coopers Mills first of all stop by Hau Po Chinese Restaurant for awesome food! Next stop at Meola's Wayside Ice Cream for a cone of yummy ice cream. After that visit Mill Brook Lookout. It's great.

Hewlett Neck
Hau Po Chinese Restaurant
695 South Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457
Meola's Wayside Ice Cream
110 Leominster Road, Sterling, MA 01564
Mill Brook Lookout
Marsh Trail, Scarborough, ME 04074
Coopers Mills
The best route to Coopers Mills from Hewlett Neck

The best way from Wilkinson to Durham

While going from Wilkinson to Durham I suggest you stop at Starbucks for something handy to eat!

South Mattis Avenue, Champaign, IL 61821
IL 62330
The best route to Durham from Wilkinson


Other than ridding you of headaches and several other aches, aspirin pills can assist you in breaking down the gunk that’s plagued your whites. Add 5 pills of aspirin in water and let it dissolve. Add your not-so-white whites in the mix and let them soak for a while. Next, stick your whites into the washer.

Also, be sure to steer clear of colored variants of aspirin if you don’t want to add a pale shade of the pill's color to your whites. 


My fav stops from Crawfordsville to Ashland

While going from Crawfordsville to Ashland make a stop at O’Brien Fitness Center to get that body going.

IN 47933
O’Brien Fitness Center
321 East Walter Street, South Bend, IN 46614
MI 49318
The best route to Ashland from Crawfordsville

These were my stops going to Matamoras

When driving from Fulton to Matamoras I suggest hit Trestle Bridge ruins for a nice experience!

Trestle Bridge ruins
Klapperthal Trail, Lower Alsace Township, PA 19606
The best route to Matamoras from Fulton

These were my stops going to Fitchburg

When going from Evergreen to Fitchburg this is a nice way: make a stop at Family Fresh for picking up a few things!

Safe driving.

Family Fresh
South Main Street, River Falls, WI 54022
The best route to Fitchburg from Evergreen

A nice route to Town of La Valle

If driving from Kalamazoo to Town of La Valle I suggest first of all make a stop at Good Time Donuts for something handy to eat. Next visit Xperience Fitness for some training! Then stop at Storm Fitness for training!

Try it!

Good Time Donuts
East 8th Street, Holland, MI 49423
Xperience Fitness
6251 South 27th Street, Greenfield, WI 53221
Storm Fitness
East Linnerud Drive, Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Town of La Valle
The best route to Town of La Valle from Kalamazoo

Mix with Energy Drinks

This is a pretty cheesy way to hide your alcohol. The best part about mixing your drinks with Gatorade, Redbull, etc., is that they mask the bitter taste of hard liquor. How many adults know the taste of an energy drink? Even if someone does decide to take a chug of your 'energy drink,' there's almost no chance that they become suspicious of the contents of your bottle.

Discreet Flasks

Lots of companies are now selling casual daily products with hidden flasks to store alcohol. Even some phone cases these days have an 8-ounce flask hidden under the camera. They don't even look conspicuous. You just need to make sure that you don't drink it in front of anyone. Holding the phone case up to your mouth is pretty suspicious if you ask me.

Use specific hangers

This sounds like a stupid little detail, but it makes a huge difference. Using only one type of hanger helps mentally when you walk into your closet to choose your outfit. Having different colors and types of hangers can be overwhelming for your brain. It makes choosing an outfit feel frustrating. It also just looks much nicer when you use just one kind of hanger. The best hangers are the felt ones; they will keep your clothes from sliding off flimsy hangers and ending up on the floor. Use specific hangers

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