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Work based off of your hair texture

Your hair texture can determine the way you do a lot of important steps while cutting your hair. For example, your hair texture can help you decide whether or not you should wet your hair or cut it dry. If you have straight, fine hair, you should spray it with water or wash it before cutting it. This will help your cuts be more precise. However, if you have thick, curly hair, you'll want to cut your hair dry to avoid cutting off too much.

Talk About Something They Could be Interested In

If the person you want to talk to is wearing a Michael Jackson T-shirt, they could be a fan of the hip-hop star. Talk to them about his songs and the message of racial equality.

Similarly, if a person has an iPhone, talk to them about their experience of using Apple products. Find something they could be interested in talking about and keep them interested in talking to you by asking questions frequently.

Don’t talk about yourself only. Include them in the conversation, if they are reluctant to talk, ask questions politely. Try not to ask personal questions or questions that might make them uncomfortable.

Talk About Something They Could be Interested In

Keep the Like Apps Together

When you are bored, you would probably swipe and look for apps to help you pass time. To avoid looking for apps in a sea of apps, organize them in such a way that apps stay together. Add the most commonly used apps on the first screen, such as Phone, Messenger, Notes, Wallet, and others that you use often. Apps that you use once in a while such as puzzles, photo editor apps, and online shopping apps should be on the last screen.

Treasuries or Bonds

Treasury bonds are less risker as compared to corporate bonds but they also pay less interest rates. Bonds are a low-risk investment because the corporation is legally required to pay the principal amount to the bondholder when bankruptcy is declared. Interest payments cannot be skipped and are fixed which makes bonds and treasury bills a good addition to your investment portfolio when retiring.

Take Some Time to Think

How many times have we felt, I could have answered this question better or I might have come up with something else after the damage has been done.

When we are at the interview, we are already nervous and under self-inflicted pressure to give the best interview. It is not necessary to answer every question quickly. No one is counting how long you should take to answer a question.

If you have been asked a hard or personal question, take some time to think about a good answer. Taking time to answer, also shows that you think before you speak and you are not shallow.

Arrange the elements of the dish well

It’s a big turn-off to look at the image of food where it has been randomly served on a plate without putting in any thought. The composition of the plate is a quintessential part of food photography, where you must place all elements of the dish tidily after giving it some thought.

When you’re done with composing your plate, make sure that there’s no spillage on the plate’s edge or the background. If there is, clean it up along with any other mess that appears in the frame. 

Eat more, smaller meals

Instead of eating few large meals throughout the day, try to eat 5 or 6 small meals at regular intervals throughout the day. This way, you’ll provide your body with a consistent supply of energy and amino acids to build and repair your muscles.

To encourage the development of muscles by increasing the production of anabolic hormones, have a protein shake containing some carbs about 45 minutes after weight training.

Another healthy snack for after your workout routine is protein fruit smoothies that are made with wholesome ingredients like banana, low-fat milk, berries, chia seeds, LSA, yogurt, and protein powder.

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