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Excuse yourself to use the rest room

It is a simple, effective way to terminate a conversation. Just ask the other person for the direction to the rest room, and excuse yourself. Once you walk away though, do make a quick visit to the washroom. It would be pretty rude to head over to the bar as the other person watches you.

Switch out your products

If you're suffering from hair loss or baldness, it is possible that your hair products are doing more harm than good. They may contain harmful chemicals that are damaging your scalp and impeding hair growth. It could also be clogging your hair follicles and preventing new hair from being able to surface. Try using more natural products with fewer chemicals for better results. You should also avoid using too much hair gel.

Learn something new

When you're in isolation for so long, it's normal for you to feel like you're stagnating. Our brains need stimulation after all, and if our brains aren't stimulated, then we become bored, agitated, and eventually, depressed.

Try using your free time in isolation to learn something new. There are tons of tools at your disposal for learning languages (Duolingo, Rosetta Stone), mathematics (Khan Academy, Ted-Ed), or even just general brainteasers ( to get your mind working while you wait for lockdown restrictions to lift.

Citronella candles

Citronella naturally repels insects, shows research. It makes your home smell minty fresh, keeps insects at bay, and does not have any side effects either. If you’re a DIY champion, take a jab at making citronella candles with oil on your own – it’s pretty simple!

Citronella candles

Work on the skin you're in

If I'm being completely honest, I look forward to my morning routine when I wake up because it makes me feel refreshed and ready to go. This includes doing a skincare routine that helps me feel confident and awake. This can be as simple as using a gentle cleanser on your skin, moisturizing, and brushing your teeth. For those of us with more complicated routines, every step helps us slowly wake up and get ready for the next step.

Block the Oil

If you're looking for a preventative measure, over-the-counter (OTC) creams that can delay the penetration of urushiol into the skin. You can get IvyX and other barrier creams at your local pharmacy or online.

The cream should be applied thickly all over your skin less than an hour before you expect to be exposed to a poison ivy plant. If you are exposed, you should wash off all of the creams within four hours of exposure to prevent your skin from absorbing the urushiol.

Garlic confit

A great and delicious way to preserve garlic is by preserving it in oil (confit).

To make garlic confit, place a handful of peeled whole cloves of garlic in a saucepan and add enough oil to cover. Add herbs such as thyme or bay leaves if desired. Cook gently over low heat, stirring occasionally, until garlic becomes tender. Do not let the oil become hot enough that the garlic takes on any color. If the oil gets too hot, remove from heat until the oil cools down, then continue.

Once done, transfer the garlic and herbs to a jar, then pour the oil overtop. Seal the jar and transfer to a refrigerator once cooled. This will keep for up to four months.

Kings Indian Defense

The king’s Indian Defense is the best way to defend the King when playing with an advanced player. For black, the pawn is moved to g6, the bishop to g7. The knight goes to h6 or f6 and then do castling. This move helps secure the King. But the King’s Indian defense can become vulnerable if the white knows how to attack it.

For white, move the pawn to g3 and bishop to g2, knight to f3 or h3, and then go for castling. The King’s Indian Defense is not very easy to attack if the player knows how to tackle attacks.

Kings Indian Defense

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