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Pay attention to "end game"

Yes, there is a reason why it is called "Race for the galaxy". The end might come sooner than you think and you need to pay attention to that. If you are building up something make sure to benefit from before it is too late - i.e. reap what you've sown.

- The maximum of 12 cards in the tableau is easy to track and you will probably not be taken by surprise there.When any player have 9 or 10 cards you need to start consider end-game strategies.

- The VP-pot going to zero is harder to predict. Especially when any player is having a large produce/consume-engine going the VP:s might end very quickly (especially when they are using the x2-perk). Carefully monitor your opponent as well as the VP-pot.

If you have 6-points-development cards fit for your empire ... make sure they get out on the tableau before it is too late.

Don't Talk Too Much

A lot of players make the mistake of talking too much when they're an imposter. Its human nature that forces a person to defend themselves, especially when they are guilty of the accusation against them. Which, in this context, is being an imposter. Try to keep your explanations to the point and concise, so you don't seem desperate to prove yourself right. Try-hards try to look for a difference in tone wherever they can to catch you off guard. Don't give them that difference.

Begin your essay with I

Starting an essay with “I” claims ownership over your experiences and ideas. But not all professors like to start like that. Some think that “I” represents that it is written by a formless being. So, ask your professor if they find it acceptable before starting the essay to be on the same page. Example:

“I have never yet known, or indeed known of, a contemporary American writer who did not admire The Great Gatsby.” – George Garrett

Keep your head sweet free

Men with oily hair tend to have more hair fall than the rest. They experience dandruff during summer, increasing the chances of hair fall. Use shampoo for oily scalp, Aloe Vera and neem containing shampoos keep the head cool and stop dandruff.

Also, men who use helmets experience more hair fall in summer. The sweat accumulates in the pores, weakening the hair roots causing hair loss. Wear a scarf or something comfortable over your hair to prevent hair loss.

Don’t Push the Bed to the Side

Pushing the bed to one side of the room is allowed only if your room is small and less than 12 x 12 feet. Keep the bed in the center and leave equal space on the sides for nightstands or a plant. If you have a chair or a work table that you want to keep in your room, find another wall. Putting unnecessary furniture beside the bed will make the room look crammed and unpleasant. The symmetry of the bedroom is explicitly connected to the placement of the bed so make sure that the bed is in the right place.

Don’t Push the Bed to the Side

Make your bed

Now, this is my personal trick. Just before doing anything once you have stumbled out of bed, turn right around and make your bed up.

Making up your bed might have been that one chore that you hated since you were a kid, for a lot of people this simple act can act as the very first accomplishment of the day, leaving you energized and ready to conquer the rest of the day.

It is a simple and small habit yet it can start your day off on a good foot, making you feel more prepared and energized.

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