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Slice, not chop

Herbs are very delicate, so when trying to get them into smaller pieces, it's better to think of it as slicing, not chopping. The difference is that you want to use longer, gentler motions rather than clunky, haphazard ones. This will reduce bruising and give you both better flavor and better presentation.

Take the cilantro you'd like to slice and gently roll it into a neat spiral. Then take your knife and glide it along the cilantro in the direction you'd like to cut. The tighter the spiral, and the closer your slices are, the more precise your cuts will be.

Once cut, use either as a garnish or to add a deep, earthy flavour to your dishes.

Slice, not chop

Using CCleaner

CCleaner is a free-to-use desktop application that's extremely useful for cleaning up space on your PC. It also has a premium version of the app, but the free version will work just fine for what we plan to do. CCleaner looks for temporary files stored in various places on your computer. These temporary files can be backup or unsaved documents and images from applications like Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, etc. It can even wipe the cache of your browser to free up several GBs worth of space. It's a great way to free up space, especially if you're using an SSD.

Keep the alarm clock or phone away from the bed

There is no other option than setting an alarm to make sure you wake up in the morning. But, if you’re a person who snoozes the alarm and goes back to sleep, putting one or two alarms will not help. Try setting a ringtone that is loud and irritating. Put the phone away from you so that you have to get up from your bed and turn it off. Since you’ll be up from your bed, staying awake will not be much difficult now.

Don't let bar lines push you around

It is common for freshers to dive right into composing through programs like Finale or Sibelius. These programs provide many free features to jump start your process, but it also makes you rigid in your creativity. A blank page on these programs has bars or measure lines. They serve a purpose and you need to fit your composition in those lines. But as a beginner, that kills your creativity.

Instead, use a pen and paper and compose with your hand. Forget about bar lines and strict rhythms and just get the free-flowing music idea down to the paper. Do this exercise for some time and then move to computers and bar lines.

Show trust and confidence

Offer them the autonomy to choose the method of working within certain predefined parameters. Let them have a say in how things will be done, and ensure they know that you’re always available should they have questions.

This will kindle their motivation and positively reinforce them to improve themselves further.

Give Gifts

Who doesn’t like gifts? A gift does not have to be something expensive to make someone’s day. Choose something that can help the other person feel happy. If your friend is fond of plants, gift them a small pot of an indoor plant. If you see a homeless guy sitting on the street, buy him a jacket, warm food, or a blanket. Small acts of kindness can elevate their mode and yours too. 

Give Gifts

Black tea

Soak your feet in plain tea to treat toenail fungus at home. The tannic acid in black tea helps dry out the feet, reduces sweating by closing the foot’s pores, and also kills bacteria.

Simply add 5-7 tea bags in 2 quarts of boiled water. Let it cool and soak your feet for 30 minutes. Use this method daily until desired.

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