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Accept not being able to fall asleep

No, I’m not crazy. Science suggests that being okay with not being able to fall asleep is a key factor in helping you fall asleep. And you may have experienced this too.

Accept not being able to fall asleep

When you continuously pressurize yourself into sleeping, sleep continues to lure you. If you embrace the fact that sleep will come when you’re ready, you may just calm yourself enough to fall asleep.

Buy Him Tickets to a Football Game

Buy your boyfriend and his friends’ tickets for his favorite football game. This arrangement does not involve you and if you don’t like football you shouldn’t go. But letting your boyfriend have a great day with his friends is a way of showing how much you value his passions. 

Correct knee posture

Your lower body posture is completely dictated by your knee angle. The knee angle is important so make sure to focus on them while sitting.

While sitting on a chair avoid the followings:

- Don’t cross your legs when you sit.

- Make sure to bend your knee at a 90-degree angle.

- Make sure both feet are planted on the floor. The footrest can be used if needed.

These positions might feel rigid, but the whole idea is to put your body into a neutral position reducing any strain on your back.

Do cardio

Cardio exercises increase your heart rate and help you burn extra fat. Incorporating cardio in your daily routine might speed your way to get six-packs. When it comes to reducing belly fat, cardio helps a great deal. This ensures that your abdomen muscles are more visible and toned.

 A credible research study shows that doing cardio exercises 3 times a week decreases belly fat quickly as compared to yoga.

You can engage in one of your favorite sports and still do cardio, such as walking, running, swimming, etc. 

Do cardio

Just use your hands

Depending on what you want cilantro for, you might be able to get away with simply picking it using your fingers. This keeps the leaves whole and gives a more natural, rustic look that doesn't disappear into your food.

Just pick the leaves off of the stem, being careful not to bruise the cilantro. Then you are free to cook with it or use it as a garnish to add some flair to your foods.

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