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Get rid of stress

Stress is a silent killer. Among the many negative effects, is its tendency to increase blood sugar levels. This can be particularly bad if you already have diabetes.

Stress causes the body to increase certain hormones in your bloodstream that increase your blood sugar levels.

Get rid of stress

To control diabetes, you must practice stress-control by regular exercises, yoga, meditation, or other relaxation techniques. Clinical evidence strongly suggests that reducing stress levels is an effective way to control diabetes.

Change and increase the cat’s diet gradually

This is most people’s go-to for fattening up their cat. However, before making changes to your cat’s diet, you must speak with your veterinarian and see what he recommends.

If he approves changing and increasing the diet, go for it. But remember that it is a process. Start adding the new food to your cat’s current food. Gradually increase the proportion of the new food, and reduce the proportion of old food. Keep adjusting the quantity until your cat achieves an optimum weight.

Start a Conversation

You might be interested in talking to someone who always snaps you back and checks your stories. Taking the conversation to your inbox will not be hard if you keep things light and fun. Text casually and share a snap with a cool filter. Sharing pictures gives a signal that you are not fake and you may want to have a deep conversation or go on a date with the person later, therefore you are revealing your true self. 

Wire wall racks

Who says you can use wall racks in hallways or kitchen only? Ever since I shifted to London, I am using a wall rack for towel storage. The industrial look of my wall rack is quite impressive and they look great in the bathroom (if you have white-washed walls).

Fold all the used and spare towels and place them on the wall rack. To amp up the style, you can add decorative bits too. I have kept toiletries in the upper section and a small cactus plant adjacent to the towels. 

Don’t Leave the Dogs Alone

When you are introducing dogs for the first time, leaving them alone right after 10 minutes is not a good idea. Don’t leave the dogs home alone together. Keep an eye on them for a few days and see how they sleep, eat and get along in other activities. Only if they like to share their stuff and genuinely feel happy to have each other, you can let them play or stay alone. 

Keep the message/call very brief and to the point

Even if you make a call about your absence, make it brief and to the point. The more you talk, the more you would be answering the employer’s questions. If you go into the depth of why you aren’t coming, you can get caught easily. Simply say that you are not coming because you are sick.

Yes, answer all the employer’s questions but keep the answers brief and short. There are many excuses that work better when you want the whole day off.

Encourage accountability

Online education has some drawbacks when coming to the interest and attention of students. However, it does provide numerous cool tools that used properly can result in a lot better way of learning, even better than physical education.

Use the email notification feature over your learning management system. Schedule automated emails to students who don’t log in for a certain number of days or don’t complete assignments on time.

Remind students they are not alone and not hidden from the instructor’s eye. Make them feel important and an important part of the class.

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