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Inside or Behind the Flower Vase

If you have a flower vase lying in a dim corner of the room you can use it as your camera hiding spot. Place the camera behind the flowers. Arrange the flowers in such a way that they cover the camera except for the lens. If there is a switch behind the vase, it can also make it the perfect place to keep the camera on charging and shoot. Make sure that the camera does not fall inside the vase or come in contact with water. You can also use some sticky tape to adjust the flowers and balance the camera.

Increase ventilation

Ventilating your household helps bring the moisture levels down, which is a big issue for indoor air quality. It’s understandable if you’re reluctant to let all the air pollutants on the outside enter your house by opening up the windows. But installing tickle vents might be a perfect solution that will cycle and purify the air that you’re breathing indoors. Another excellent alternative for ventilating your home is exhaust fans which carry the pollutants outside. 

Enhance the color while editing

Food comes in so many wonderful colors, but sometimes the camera does not capture them quite the way they wanted. You can make the food look more vivid and less muted by using simple photo editing apps like VSCO or Snapseed.

A Candlelit Dinner

Nothing can beat a classic candlelit dinner if you and your partner like to spend time at home. Just when they come back from work, surprise them with their favorite dish and the whole room lit with numerous scented candles. Customize the setting by playing their favorite songs, putting their favorite flowers at the table, and setting the mode with soothing lighting.

A Candlelit Dinner


The best and the quickest way to hide a hickey is to wear a scarf or a turtle neck. Pair an outfit that can go with the scarf or turtle neck you have. Wrap the scarf gently around the neck and keep it comfortable. If the scarf looks different and does not go with the outfit, it might feel to some that it has a different purpose. Try to mix and match the outfit as much as possible.



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