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If you need the best beverage known to mankind as soon you hop out the bed, the drip method is your best bet of waking up to a cup of joe ready to start a wonderful day.

Fill up your coffee maker’s reservoir with some water and the filter with some grounds. When you turn the machine on, the water will heat up and flow into the filter and through the coffee grounds. What’s next? The precious liquid collects into the cup below, hot and ready to be served.


Drink even when you're not thirsty

When your body starts to register thirst, there is already a slight level of dehydration. You should be drinking water continuously throughout the day. One of the best ways to remind yourself is to have your own water bottle. It keeps you accountable because it's something you have to keep track of unlike a disposable water bottle. You should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day (about half a gallon).

Park your money in municipal bonds

Municipal bonds are issued by a state or local government, and pay you a fixed amount of interest until the bond’s maturity. Upon maturity, you receive the entire face value of the bond.

Park your money in municipal bonds

The interest on municipal bonds is exempt from federal taxes, and some states also offer a similar benefit of exemption – but not all states do. The exemption particularly benefits investors in the higher tax brackets because of the higher tax equivalent yield. 

Download from YouTube

There are websites that convert YouTube videos to an MP3 file so you can download it as an audio file onto your computer. One such website is this, where you can just input the link to the video and the website will do the rest for you.

Listen and Learn

If you've hurt somebody, make sure to really listen to how they feel and how you can do better in the future. Listening and opening up a real discussion about how you're feeling can strengthen a relationship even more than if there hadn't been a disagreement at all.

Do not avoid the conversation, but do not push it too hard either. It is the offended party's decision whether or not they wish to accept your apology or even talk to you.

Most of all, let yourself learn from the experience and make a real and honest effort to not hurt the other person again. Let your actions speak for you.

Set Saving Goals

One of the best ways to save money is to set a goal. It is a sure proof way to save money and this can be done individually or collabo ( a group of friends), by setting saving goals you are forced to set aside part of your income to meet your goals.

Start thinking about what you might want to save for - maybe getting married, planning a vacation, or saving for retirement. Then find out how much money you will need and how long it will take to save it. In the long run, you will be super proud of what you have saved thus far.

Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are good at assisting, you can start a job from your house to assist people. There are professionals out there looking for an assistant who can help them with routine tasks such as rendering email lists and make phone calls or write business emails. If you are willing to spend 5-8 hours of your day assisting someone, you can become a virtual assistant and make up to $1000 from your home.

Make plans with your friends

The end of a relationship can be painful. You are left with a lot of free time that you don't know what to do with. Instead of letting yourself wallow, make plans with friends. It's much easier to go through tough times with loved ones by your side. Odds are you might have neglected them during your relationship and they'd love to hear from you. Spend the next few weeks making memories, traveling, exploring with your closest friends. After the initial pain of the breakup dies away, you will realize it might have been a blessing in disguise.

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