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Age Matters

Women who are over 30 have more chances of conceiving twins. The FSH hormone rises when a woman gets older. The FSH hormone is a follicle-stimulating element that is responsible for egg development in the ovaries before they are released for the male egg in the ovulation period.

 The eggs require more follicle stimulation to grow in older women as compared to younger women. This is why the body produces higher levels of FSH hormone. Sometimes, the FSH hormone reacts with the follicles and releases two eggs from the ovaries instead of one. 

Ward Off Flies

Killing these pests won’t always help because they are outnumbered and no matter how many of them you kill in a day, others will make it to your house if your house has what they are looking for. Flies like to sit on moist organic materials such as fermented food, food waste, and even poop. After all the sitting business they land on your face to make you cranky and disgusted.

Well, they are basically looking for organic materials and if your house has it, then they will always try to get in. To ward them off, keep your house clean, don’t leave food lying open; cover it. Sanitize the surfaces with vinegar or bleach and clean after your pets. A clean house is usually not the best place for the flies and they will stay away.

Have Good Intentions

Some people like to compliment others to flatter them and gain something. If you are trying to befriend someone to take advantage, don’t do it. You have to be genuine when you give each other compliments. A lot of people can feel it when you give them fake compliments so it is necessary to have good intentions behind a compliment.

Choose Crazy Filters

A goofy selfie that you may think is an ugly one might seem very attractive and charming to your crush. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be with the person who hates you for a snap chat selfie. Nobody needs is 100% perfect in every snap. Don’t worry too much about it, use a new filter and smile or make a goofy face. Send your snaps and post stories to get your crush’s attention.

Add beauty

Use your home staging skills to make your house look attractive. Everyone deserves to enjoy a pretty home. Adding beauty will not only add value to your house but will also attract high-end buyers in the future.

Add beauty to the places of the house where you personally like to sit and have some me-time. Do not try to bump up the house value. Your main motive is to do a home staging makeover for yourself, not the buyers. To begin with, you can renovate your bathroom, kitchen, master bedroom, and your lawn. A minor kitchen makeover costs approximately $23,000, however, you’d be surprised to see the change it makes on your house’s value.

A DIY air-freshener

Do you have a bottle of really cheap vodka lying around the house? Great! You finally get to pop it open and put it to good use. Fortunately, vodka quickly evaporates and absorbs odors.

To make your DIY air-freshener: put 3 parts water and 1 part vodka and mix them. Next, add any of your most preferred essential oil such as eucalyptus or lavender. Fill this mixture in a spray bottle and start spraying to keep the stink away.

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