Best Ways to Persuade your parents


Time it well

If you’re hoping to persuade your parents, you’re going to have to choose a suitable time to stack the odds in your favor.

For instance, if you go hoping to persuade your parents right after they had a stressful day at work, you’re not going to get your way for sure.

Before approaching your parents, make sure that they are in a good mood. Strike a happy conversation and feel the status of their mood before making your move.

Also, make sure that your parents have enough time that you need to properly finish your conversation. If they are cooking a meal for guests, it’s best to wait until the next day when they are feeling more relaxed and have a couple of minutes.

Written by Angelina Welch
8 months ago

Strike a deal

Well, you can’t buy your parents’ approval, of course. But what you can do is trade something they want for something you want.

But what do your parents want from you? Not much, except for you to grow into a responsible adult.

Great, so then you know what you can offer them. Offer to improve your grades in a subject where you lag, offer to help your mother clean the house or cook on weekends, or even offer to spend your pocket money much more responsibly.

Strike a deal

All of these are things your parents would like to see in you. If you are asking for something that is not preposterous, they will probably happily let you do what you want in exchange for these things.

But be careful, if you don’t keep your end of the promise – this can have some unpleasant repercussions. 

Written by Amos Cole
1 month ago

Show some gratitude

It’s unfair to tell your parents that they owe it to you or that you “deserve” something. Yes, you are your parents’ responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you get everything you ask for even if it’s unreasonable.

If you genuinely want something from your parents, be sure to show them gratitude for so much that they have already done for you. Say, “Dad, you’ve been an awesome father. Thank you for buying me everything that I ask for.”

This is not to butter them up, it has to be a sincere appreciation. When you ask for something the next time, your parents will have the assurance that you will appreciate their efforts if they get you what you want. It also works as a positive reinforcement for them, because they know their child values their efforts. Showing gratitude and appreciation will increase the odds of getting a “YES” from your parents.

Written by Vaughn Huffman
1 month ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Persuade Your Parents?

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