Best Ways to Express love


Listen to Them

If you want to express your love for someone listens to them more. A good rule of thumb is 80/20 which means let the other speak 80% and speak only 20%. Listening to the person you love; helps you understand them better.

When you will lend your ear to them and listen to them with attention, they will feel comfortable opening up about themselves.

Listen to Them

Written by Amy Johnston
7 months ago

Offer to Help

If you want to express your love, show it through your actions. Help them with the difficult and simple tasks. If the person is cooking a meal, offer to do something that has to be done. Chop the vegetables or stir the soup for them.

Offer to Help

If you know something, they don’t, offer to do such tasks for them. For example, if the person is trying to install a program and you know how to do it quickly. Help them or do it for them.

Written by Thelma Poole
3 months ago

Say Thank you and Please

The simple acts of gratitude can help you show the loved ones, you admire and appreciate them. We often forget to show compassion to our loved ones. Say 'please' when asking for something and 'thank you' when they do something for you.

Saying thank you and please improves communication and makes a huge difference. Next time you want to express love for someone, say thank you when they bring you something to eat. When asking for something start the sentence with please.

Written by Shari Phillips
3 years ago

Be More Forgiving

No relationship is perfect. Oftentimes we find ourselves having arguments with the ones we love. Arguments are necessary for healthy relationships because they help you communicate and express your feelings.

If the person you love is sorry for hurting you, accept the apology. Forgiving the same mistakes over and over again can be difficult but if it’s something you can forgive, don’t prolong the argument or create communication gaps.

Explain your situation to them and express how you felt about what they did or said without showing anger. Then tell them that you are ready to forgive them.

Be More Forgiving

Written by Stan White
4 weeks ago

Appreciate Them

People are often guilty of taking their loved ones for granted because they forget to appreciate and compliment them. Acknowledge the fact that they are the ones who greatly impact our lives with what they do for us. Let them know how much they mean to you and how beautiful they are every once in a while.

Appreciate Them

To express your love for someone tell them what you feel. If they ask you how they are looking, compliment what you like about their outfit or hairstyle. If your loved one tries a new hairstyle or does something with the ways they look, make them feel beautiful by expressing how they look beautiful.

Written by Jose Griffith
6 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Express Love?

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