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Give Them an Old Box

Cats love playing with boxes. If you find an old box lying around the house, give it to your cat. You will notice your cat hiding in the box and pushing it around the house. Boxes are light-weight so it’s easy for the cat to move them. Cats like to fit in the smallest space so the smaller the box, the more your cat will try to fit inside it.

Download Vocabulary Building Apps

Several vocabulary building apps can help you build vocabulary gradually. The AI-powered apps understand your lifestyle and the words you should be using more. Through different videos, memes, and GIFs they can get the point across.

Some apps give you quizzes to solve. The ones you answer incorrectly are repeated often so that you can remember what they mean. Use the vocabulary apps when you are bored or traveling, and add more words to your daily conversations by learning constantly.

Take a warm shower

Take a warm bath or shower two hours before your sleeping time. Taking a shower relaxes your body and calms your mind and helps you sleep faster. Studies say it is 36 percent faster. But, at the same time, don’t think that you can not fall asleep without taking a warm shower every day.

Take a warm shower

Wander the caves

Exploring the cave systems is an effective way of finding diamonds on Minecraft. Some caves are jaw-droppingly massive, which gives plenty of visibility making it easier to spot Diamond Ore. If your way is filled with a lot of lava, a water bucket could really come in handy for creating easy paths.

No Buts

People will be more willing to accept your apology if you hold yourself accountable for what you did wrong. Resist the urge to explain how you were actually in the right. Also resist the urge to turn the apology around on the other person, do not say "I'm sorry I did this, but it was because you did that." An apology is meant to express remorse to another person and try to repair a damaged relationship, if your apology is not accepted, then you may not have any relationship to repair at all.

A good rule of thumb is to focus on what the other person feels, rather than what you feel.

At Home Piercing with Thread and Needle

At home, you can pierce your ears with a clean needle and thread. Get rubbing alcohol or any other liquid to clean a 10-inch-long piece of thread and needle. Mark the ears where you want to pierce. The piercings on the ear where there’s cartilage may hurt more so be mentally prepared.

Put the thread in the needle and pierce the ear where you have marked the ear. Insert the pointed needle from one side and take it out from the back along with the thread. Take the thread from both sides and make a knot at the bottom of the ear. Repeat on the other ear. To numb the pain, apply an ice cube for 10-15 minutes. It should not hurt again. Wait 10 days with the thread inside the hole to make it bigger.

It should be ready for the earring when the thread can move painlessly through the hole. Regularly apply mustard oil to the hole and the thread inside it to make it easier to move the thread.

Chewing gums

Are you stuck in an annoyingly long queue at the passport office? Or perhaps you’re frantically cleaning your living room in preparation for a party that’s happening in a few hours.

Well, chewing a gum could help you relax and say goodbye to the stress monster. Not just that, chewing gum could also spike your productivity and improve your mood.

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