Best Ways to Pierce nose


Go to a reputable piercer

There are two things you should keep in mind before you go to get pierced and ways to tell whether the piercer you're seeing is worth your money. If you don't see these two things, turn around immediately and never look back.

First, is the place clean? Minus some decorations on the walls, it should be clean. I mean really clean. You should be able to eat off of any surface in the place. They will be giving you what is basically an open wound, and any dirt or grime you see is a possible infection. Any good piercing shop will know that and keep their place completely pristine.

Also, the shop you go to should also only do piercings. Also doing tattoos is acceptable, but nothing more than that. The place you go should not be a combination clothing store or weed dispensary. Piercing can go wrong in any number of ways so you need to be sure that the person who's piercing you is properly trained and knows exactly what they're doing.

Written by Marty Day
1 year ago

Search the web

Before you go into a piercing studio, make sure to search the internet about nose piercing. Watch some videos about people getting their nose pierced. Be familiar with the tools used in nose piercing. These will help you stay in control of yourself in the studio and have a firm idea about what to accept. A lot of us get nervous in unfamiliar places and new tools. Searching the web about nose piercing will surely reduce that nervousness and you will be ready for everything that happens in a nose piercing session.

Written by Leigh Coleman
9 months ago

Take Advice from your friends

Nose piercing is a popular fashion trend. Despite being old, it is still trending and very much relative. But most of us who have not pierced our nose yet are not so sure about making a hole in our nose. Will it make me look weird and awful? Will my parents accept it? There are many questions like these continuously hover in our minds. The best way to clear our minds off these questions is to talk with a friend or someone who has already done nose piercing. This will make you understand how they feel after piercing and boost your confidence.

Written by Gail Black
3 years ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Pierce Nose?

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