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Be Bold and Clear

If you’d like to date them, let them know that you are interested in dating them. Don’t waste their time and your time. Be clear about what you are planning to do and send them a message that clearly says that. If you would want to go on a date with them, tell them; “Just so you know, if you’d ask me out on a date, I would say Yes”. 

Take a nap before your all nighter

Pulling an all nighter can be hard on your body. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself and try to rest before you plan on staying up all night. If you have the time, take a nap beforehand to ensure your body has had some rest before you force yourself to stay awake. Even a 20 minute nap can help you feel more alert. Just be aware that it’s not a replacement for a full night’s sleep.

Different Food Dishes

Dogs tend to show aggression to one another when it comes to food. Dogs that lived together since they were a baby sort of getting accustomed to eating out their own bowl. But, if you introduce grown-up dogs to one another, they're going to finish their own plate as quickly as they can and try to lash out on the other dog's plate. You have to prevent this behavior; otherwise, it could spark aggression between your dogs.

Use herbal treatments

Some natural herbs that have helped me to reduce my epilepsy episodes are valerian, mugwort, mistletoe, groundsel, and burning bush. These herbs are included in Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Kamp ayurvedic medicines. As they have shown great results in managing epilepsy, more and more people are considering using them.

However, I am not sure about the side effects and disadvantages. I haven’t suffered any side effects so far. But one time I became nauseous because of the burning bush’s smell.

Depilatory Hair Removal

Depilatories are commonly known as hair removing creams. They weaken the hair keratin and follicle that break off the hair. Using hair removal creams is safe but some side effects may include stinging sensation, irritation, or redness.

Apply the cream on the skin, covering the public hair in a thick layer, avoiding the genitals. Use a tissue to clean the genitals immediately if it accidentally comes in contact with the genitals. According to the instructions on the package, leave it on for 3-6 minutes.

Do not leave it on for longer, as it may cause severe skin irritation later. With a spatula remove the hair and wash with water. Avoid using soaps and other cosmetics that can be harsh on the skin for one day. 

Scalp massages

This stress-busting activity also happens to be an excellent way to boost your hair growth. The reason behind this is that massaging the scalp helps dilate the blood vessels present beneath the skin.

The increased blood flow in your scalp will help strengthen your roots and provide your follicles the nutrients it needs faster.

While it is just fine to give yourself a dry massage, the addition of a nutrient-rich oil will offer 2x the benefits of a dry scalp massage.

Scalp massages

Effective Wash

A carpet lying unwashed in your living room for over a year is bound to get stinky because of all the smells and spills it absorbs. If your carpet is getting smelly, then it is probably because you haven’t washed it at all. Using deodorizers will only delay the problem. Drop it at the cleaners or wash it at home to get the ultimate fresh and germ-free carpet. 

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