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Apologize sincerely

Acknowledging your customer’s grievance and accepting your mistake goes a long way when dealing with an angry customer. You must also apologize, and be thorough in your approach.

Apologize sincerely

Rather than saying “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” try “I apologize that your delivery was delayed, this is not the customer service we are aiming for and I understand this must have caused frustration. I spoke to the supervisor and the thing is…”

Being thorough with your apology will communicate to your customer that you value them and understand how they’re feeling. However, it’s best to keep your explanation concise. Explain briefly, and move forward. 

Talk to People

There are tons of communities out there of people that were addicted to alcohol but have found a way to escape that ditch and live a sober life. If you're willing to let this habit go, talk to these people. Listen to their stories, share your own. You'll learn a lot from them and may just find the courage to abandon the consumption of alcohol.

Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a traditional treatment used for thousands of years. It is a well-known treatment in Chinese medicine. People believe that it releases some kind of vital or chi energy within the body. Moreover, it stimulates changes in the nervous system and hormones. However, you should only do it through a registered acupuncturist.

 In Denmark, 400 women every year are given membrane stripping and acupuncture before labor/birth. While stripping membranes does not induce labor, the acupuncture treatment decreases the need for medical induction. 

Ask your friends

If you already have a friend who likes the same music as you, look at what they’re listening to. If your friend has another friend whose music they like, maybe try and find out what’s on their playlist. Word of mouth is still the best way to discover really great music. 

Document all the notes

Keeping records of all the documents and notes is the best way to aid the process of advocacy. Whether you talk to the other part on the phone or via email, keep track of the address, name, and information exchanged. If possible, jot down the position and title of the party you spoke with.

The information in your diary will help you organize and talk better in front of a person higher in the title. Sometimes, the advocates also receive requests in form of letters and notices. Make sure you keep them together in a binder.

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