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Use the three big local listing services

Advertising your Business also requires everyone to be able to know and access your business profile.

Register your business with all search engines used worldwide. Registering with Google places allows it to be found on its searches and maps, making it accessible to all Google users.

Yahoo! local is also a very big business database of Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Bing is also used by many people, it also has a similar service.

These registrations are most certainly free and take some minutes to set up.

Eat Cherries

Cherries are packed with vitamin C and they also prevent our skin from UVB damage. They may also have cancer-fighting properties according to limited scientific research that makes them a must add to your regular diet. Eating a handful of cherries as a snack or in breakfast with granola can help increase your Vitamin C intake.

Eat Cherries

Sewing: hem the scrub pants, take in your scrub top

Shrinking by heat might be hard. You might overdo it ... or not get the exact results. Sewing is an option if you have the skill (and actually, it is not that hard).

You could hem your pants, or take in your tops. 

If you're not comfortable sewing it your self ... just leave it with some local seamstress. It is cheaper than you might think (and if you get together with some colleagues you will most likely be able to get some batch discount too). 

The results will be a scrub that fits your body exactly. For many it is worth the cost.

Vitamin C Serums

Night serums seep into the layers of your skin during the night. The serum helps brighten the skin, reduce redness, and fade away scars. Vitamin C is well-known for its amazing skincare properties. Using a Vitamin C skincare serum at night can rejuvenate and brighten the skin. It also helps clears away the scars and avoid skin darkening.

Vitamin C Serums

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