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Be straightforward

Now, I know, you’re thinking to yourself that this is so obvious! But it is in fact the best approach. Instead of “getting” her to give you her phone number, just be honest and ask for it.

But here’s what's important – don’t do this online. There are probably a million other guys doing the same thing. Instead, walk over to her and express how you feel. Then, politely ask if she’d be okay sharing her number with you.

Be straightforward

But please know that this method works when you already know the girl to some degree. If you’re strangers, she might not be entirely comfortable sharing her phone number. The two variables you need to nail for this to work are trust and interesting conversations. 

Set the lens to infinity

When it comes to lightning, you want to disengage using autofocus. This is because the lightning will easily fool the autofocus sensor. Set manual focus and change the lens to infinity. Setting the lens to infinity gives maximum depth on the field. It does make objects close to the camera out of focus, but they are not your targeted subject, so it is okay.

Add urea

Urea is a chemical compound that can make your tie-dye brighter. It comes in a white, powdered form and can be found where you buy your fabric dyes. Add about a quarter of a cup per quart of dyeing liquid. This helps the dye penetrate the fabric and produce brighter, more vibrant colors. Urea is a humectant, so it works by keeping the fabric wetter for longer periods of time, thus allowing the dye to penetrate deeper.

Capitalize on the Current Time and Date

Probably the best way to begin an email is to make use of the current day and time. If you're sending an email right after the holidays, New Year, or some other festivities, begin with a small one-liner like "I hope you had fun over the holidays." This can also be done with weekends by simply putting in weekends instead of holidays.

Create a collage wall

Creating a unique photo display in your home can be quick and easy! All you need is a variety of frames and your favorite photos. The frames don’t have to look alike. In fact, different frames in a matching color scheme will make the display interesting without going over the top. Choose the wall you would like your pictures on and play around with the positioning of each frame. Once you’ve figured out an arrangement you like, simply hang up the pictures to showcase your favorite memories.

Prepare for what you are going to say

If you have an interview and you are scared to introduce yourself tomorrow, consider writing down everything you are going to speak in front of the interview committee. Practicing in writing boosts your confidence and jogs your memory.

It will help you build fluency and reflect your personality in a nice, conversational tone. When it comes to introducing oneself with confidence, body language plays a huge role as well. Relaxing your chest and keeping your back straight will give off good vibes. 

Pack a Survival Kit

The Winter season in some parts of the world can be very harsh. If you are planning to spend a long time on the road and traveling to unknown places, make a survival kit to winterize the car in case you get stranded. Keep a bag in your trunk with blankets, a torchlight, road flares, your phone’s charger, basic first aid supplies, food, and water. You might not need the survival bag but if your car breaks down and you have to spend some time in the wilderness, make sure that you have the necessary supplies.

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