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Follow the 20-20-20 rule

To prevent your eyes from getting tired, use this technique. It is efficient if your job requires you to be on the screen for long hours. Take a 20-second break every 20 minutes and focus on something that is located at least 20 feet away from you. This helps with eye strain and prevents digital eye damage in the long run.


Bed bugs hate heat because they cannot survive at high temperatures. To get rid of them, wash your laundry in warm water that should be 45 degrees C or higher.

On a sunny day when it’s hot outside, leave the mattress outside so that it receives ample heat to kill all the bed bugs. 


Use artificial hormone

If you do not want to spend on apples and bananas, then you can always go for other alternatives. The best alternative for ripening avocado is applying/ spraying artificial hormones. The hormone we are referring to is ethylene, the same hormone you can get on bananas and apples. But before that you need to cut them off the trees and store them together in a room. Ethylene boosts the ripening process. Spraying them on the outer skin of avocados will make them ripen faster.

The Easy Lubrication

Lubricating a garage door is a pretty simple process. Start off by making sure there is no dirt or debris around the rollers or the tracks. Once it's clean, start applying the lubricant on each of the hinges individually. Make sure you include the ball bearings as well. Once you're done lubricating the door, wipe off any excess liquid to prevent corrosion. Open and close the door a few times to ensure that the liquid spreads evenly across the hinges.

Let sunlight do the job

If you have washable couch covers, wash and dry them in the washer and dryer. Later keep the couch covers out in the Sun for a few hours to let the Sun kill any odor-causing bacteria. 

Write and re-write

Studying your spelling words can be challenging when you don’t know the words at first. Your first task is building muscle memory with each of the words in your head. The best way to memorize words is to write them down multiple times. You should aim to write each word 10-15 times. To make the task more entertaining for younger children, you can have them write the words in different colors or with crazy letters.

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