Best Ways to Hide cash


In Kitchen

Most people hide their cash in bedrooms. But kitchen is the least suspected place for hiding cash. To hide cash in the kitchen, put the cash in a Ziploc, and zip it properly. Place this bag in an empty container or the middle of the pulses in a container. The pulses should be visible on the sides and top and money will be safe in the center. Close the lid and hide in a cabinet.

If a rat visits your kitchen occasionally, hide it in a cabinet, the rat cannot get into. Although the zip lock bag protects cash from almost all kinds of possible damages, it is advisable to check back every few weeks.

Written by Marvin King
6 months ago

In Books

If you want to hide 5-10 bills, you can easily hide them in a book that has 300 or more pages. Don’t put all the bills in one place. Place the bills 50 or 30 pages apart. Close the book and place it on a bookshelf with all the other books. Don’t mark anything on this book or place it separately.

If you share your house with your spouse or family, let them know you have hidden cash inside the book. There have been so many instances when family members donated or threw books that had cash inside them.

In Books

Written by Dustin Mccoy
35 minutes ago

In a cushion

If you want to hide the money so that no one finds it, hide it inside a pillow, not the pillow cover. Fold or roll the cash and put a rubber band over it. Open the stitches of the pillow or cushion and place the folded cash in the middle. Use thread and a needle to neatly sew back the edges. Put back on the pillowcase and voila!

Written by Sean Wallace
5 months ago

Inside a Picture Frame

There are many sneaky places in your house where you can easily hide cash. If you want the cash to be super safe because you don’t want to be using it for a few months, hide it in a picture frame.

Get a pair of pliers and open up the back of a picture frame. Remove the cardboard and on the backside of the picture place newspaper or any other paper and then place the cash bills evenly. Don’t put the whole stack in one place. Lay them flat and put the cardboard back. Press and tighten the locks. As an additional layer of protection, use masking tapes to secure the ends of the cardboard.

Secure the back neatly and hang as normal. No burglar would think about cash hidden inside a picture frame.

Inside a Picture Frame

Written by Cornelius Cole
3 years ago

Underneath a drawer

If you are wanting to hide cash around the house, put the cash in an envelope and secure the envelope with lots of tape on the bottom of one of your draws. Chances are, the person looking for the money will look in the draw, as opposed to underneath it. You can also securely tape the envelope to the back of the drawer as well for extra protection.

Written by Niki Giovanis
1 year ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Hide Cash?

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