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Give a onesie

What better way to announce your baby, than by giving a baby gift? Decorate a plain white onesie. You can use a sketch pen or paint the phrase, "Will you be my grandparents?" with a heart at the end. It is sweet, cute, and memorable! 

Give a onesie

Get you zzzs

Sleep is an essential component of your everyday healthcare. It regulates the metabolism and targets the brain and neurological toxins to move them out of your liver.

Think of sleep as an energy-saving mode. It temporarily pauses all the physical functions and channelizes the energy towards healing, processing, restoring, and detoxifying.

Jump Roping

Jump roping is one of the best cardio workouts that can put you on fat loss mode. It is the easiest way to shed weight because it can be done anywhere anytime. You can toss a jump rope in your car and your purse and take it with you. Use your free time during the day to jump rope. Make a goal of doing at least 200 minutes of cardio during the first week. Once you get a hang of it, do it more often and increase your weekly goals.

Deep clean your home

Sometimes, there’s no easy way to pinpoint the exact location of the stinky odor that’s making your eyes water. However, the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything is by deep cleaning your whole house. It may seem like a long task, but you can make it more manageable for yourself. Break it up into sections; tackle the upstairs first and then move to the downstairs. You can also do the laundry in between sections. Do whatever makes it easier for you to clean your home.

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