Best Ways to Do cardio


Jump Roping

Jump roping is one of the best cardio workouts that can put you on fat loss mode. It is the easiest way to shed weight because it can be done anywhere anytime. You can toss a jump rope in your car and your purse and take it with you. Use your free time during the day to jump rope. Make a goal of doing at least 200 minutes of cardio during the first week. Once you get a hang of it, do it more often and increase your weekly goals.

Written by Edmund Bowen
1 year ago

Make a Schedule

Numerous cardio exercises can help you start losing calories within minutes but it is important to make a schedule first. You cannot do 100 burpees one day and 200 squats the second day. 

What you need is the right blend of all the cardio exercises that help you workout every muscle of your body. 

To work your arms, thighs, legs, love, and abs, find the right mixture of burpees, jump ropes, lunges, rowing machines, and dancing in between. 

Written by Jeremy Colon
4 weeks ago


Dance workouts are the most fun because you don’t have to lift weights and make your body too sore. You can do it at your own pace and get creative with dance moves. You can join a local or online Zumba class or play a YouTube video. There is always room for creativity so just play your favorite playlist and invent some great dance moves. Zumba can also help you learn to dance better while helping you ditch body fat.


Written by Jody Briggs
3 years ago

Cardio as a Beginner

Cardio is the best way to lose weight if you want to see results quickly and spend less time working out. Cardio workouts are more intense and might give you some soreness in your muscles when you begin but in the end, they can be worth it.

Cardio as a Beginner

Written by Rosalie Weber
5 months ago

Fast Walking

Fast walking can help increase your heartbeat and anything that helps you increase your heartbeat is cardio. Make friends at the local park to motivate you for exercising daily. If the weather is always bad, get a treadmill. Running in a park is great for your body because the environment cheers you up and you can also intake a lot of oxygen that is good for your body.

Written by Garry Martin
2 years ago

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