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Use a Secure Base

The first thing you should think about setting up is a secure base. Find a steady tripod stand to mount your camera. You need a stable base to avoid any form of camera shake. You'll be zoomed in quite a bit, and even a minor shake in your camera will completely ruin your shots.

Fold Decoratively

Towels are folded decoratively in five-star hotels and cruises. It is actually easy to fold them. Here are the steps:

-       Take a long bath towel and place it on a flat surface.

-       Fold the edges of the towel to create a triangle. It is normal for the edges to not line up at the bottom because the towels are rectangular.

-       Now, roll the edges till they meet in the center. It should look like an arrow.

-       Fold the arrow point back to form a ‘2’ shape.

-       Squeeze the corners of the towels to set the curves.

-       Create another swan shape to have a matching set and place them face to face to make it look like a heart.

Re-use plastic water bottles

Plastic water bottles are destroying our oceans. People often dispose of plastic water bottles and they end up in the oceans, harming the environment and marine animals. With a little bit of enthusiasm and creativity, you can make use of these water bottles.

For example, I had cut off the front halves of 5 plastic water bottles and now use them to plant seeds in them. These niffy yet tiny plant holders are easy to make. You can search for the video on YouTube. Moreover, it is a great addition to your room or garden space. Re-use plastic water bottles

Rye Bread

Rye bread is made from rye which is a type of grain that is related to wheat. It is denser and darker than regular bread and is rich in fiber. It causes a lower rise in blood sugar than white bread, but it has a unique and stronger flavor that needs to be acquired. Rye bread is easy to make and can also be found at most bakeries and supermarkets.

Rye Bread

Mow Your Lawn Early Morning

Sleeping or awake the noise of mowing a lawn can easily annoy anyone. If your neighbors wake up late, this is the best way to annoy them and wake them up. Make sure to mow your lawn really well. Use the leaf blower at full speed and don’t leave a single leaf lying on your lawn.

You can also do this when they have guests over. If you notice a different car parked in their driveway, it’s time to do the job.

Roll your muscles out

If you tend to get sore after a workout, you may want to invest in a foam roller so you can roll out stiff muscles at home. This can also be beneficial for any injuries that are causing you pain. Roiling out your muscles helps ease muscular tension by smoothing out the muscle tissue. It can also help increase your muscle’s flexibility and range of movement. After a workout, roll out your tired muscles to keep them from becoming stiff and painful.

Be an active reader

While it may seem like a passive hobby, to get the most out of your books, you will have to learn how to read actively.

Ask yourself questions while you read. "Where is this going?" "Where have I heard this before?" "What do I know about this?" This gets your brain engaged and sharpens your critical thinking skills.

Note down things you don't understand. This is especially helpful for studying. If allowed, write in your books. Highlight things, circle things, write down notes in the gutters.

Being engaged in what you're reading will help you better retain the knowledge you're trying to soak up.

Cut back on carbohydrates

This is hardly a surprise. The key is to eat just enough carbs that your body will efficiently use. This is, of course, easier said than done. That is why obesity is a global concern today.

It’s also good practice to consume your carbs 2 hours before and after your workout. Ideally, aim for about 1.5 grams of carbs per body weight, or 1 if you are overweight. Naturally, it also matters how much you exercise. For days when you don’t plan on getting any exercise at all, limit your carb intake to 0.75 to 1 gram for each pound.

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