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Improve the website loading speed

About 10 years ago, Google realized that users like websites that load fairly quickly more than ones that take a few more seconds. This led to Google adding site speed as a ranking factor. In fact, the website speed is now important enough to become a make or break factor for your ranking on Google.

Fortunately, Google has built a few SEO tools that can help you in the process of improving your website’s loading speed:

·        PageSpeed Insights: This tool helps website devs improve a website’s performance

·        Accelerated Mobile Pages Project: This tool is focused on improving the loading speed of mobile websites

·        Test My Site: This tool helps identify the responsiveness or mobile-friendliness of a website and includes speed as one of the parameters

Make small changes

Small habits and choices that you make can burn a surprising amount of calories, even if you don't notice.

Doing small chores by hand, such as dishes or laundry can help you to burn calories in your daily life. Also choosing to take the stairs rather than the escalator only takes a couple of extra seconds, and can lead to weight loss in the long-term.

Parking a little further from your destination can also help, with just a few extra steps you can reach your health goals faster.

Perhaps best of all, getting more sleep can also help you to burn calories. Not getting enough sleep slows down your metabolism and makes it harder for your body to process energy, so spending an extra hour in bed can actually help you to lose weight!

Make small changes

Offer a Treat

Puppy training works best when you have a treat for your puppy. Puppies are playful and they might not listen to you when they are having fun, but when it’s mealtime, they are ready to take orders.

Offer a Treat

Command your puppy to sit, stand, lie-down, or stay down. Give the puppy a treat when he obeys you. You might have to lower their body to tell them this is the sit or lie down position. Approximately 15-minute sessions every day are good for training the puppy. It is advisable to regularly train the puppy but do not train them all the time, as it may feel annoying to your puppy. 

Carpet cleaners

All car spills will ultimately crawl down to the carpet. If you solve the root cause of the odor, you’ll fix the whole problem.

Visit your local department store and buy a carpet cleaner that’s intended specifically for carpets in the car. Be sure to follow the instructions on the pack so you don’t end up wasting any of the product.

Carpet cleaners

Color coding

If you are a visual learner, then you should create a color code and organize the apps based on the colors. For example, Snapchat has a yellow color icon, whereas Twitter and Facebook are shades of blue. So, you can drag Facebook next to Twitter and keep Snapchat alongside Apple Maps. This method is effective for those who relate to the colors of the icons rather than their features.

Color coding

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